Migrating to Punchh Loyalty from Other Rewards Programs

By: Melissa Canellis


We have helped dozens of customers from other programs such as LevelUp, Paytronix and Thanx successfully migrate to Punchh. For enterprise and regional brands alike, the Punchh Platform delivers a better experience for you and your customers.

Punchh has got you covered: 

  • Our platform has all the comprehensive capabilities to meet the needs of your brand today and in the future 
  • You will benefit from a great marketer experience – all the flexibility to design your program to fit your brand identity 
  • You can create an increasingly personalized and engaging loyalty experience that grows with each customer throughout their entire journey with your brand 
  • We are committed to your success. We have the integrations and services to seamlessly transition your program. You will not miss a beat 

We understand that a successful program migration requires a proven process and also that every migration is unique. So, we design and follow a strategic and thoughtful migration plan that remains true to your brand and delights your guests in the process. You will work with a Punchh Loyalty Strategist who will collaborate with your team to discover the current state of your rewards program including Earning and Redemption RulesSegmentation, Tiers, and Campaigns to minimize any risks when upgrading from your existing program.  

Your Punchh Loyalty Strategist will also assist in understanding what technical structure and integrations are in place. Punchh partners with over 200+ POS, payment providers, ordering, delivery, kiosk, email and many other systems and services. We offer unmatched breadth and depth for restaurant-specific integrations. To deliver the ease, convenience and value your customers crave, your loyalty platform needs to be tightly integrated with your tech stack. 

All of these details lead to finalizing your Punchh program structure at which time your Punchh Loyalty Strategist will share a timeline of pre-launch deliverables.  

Most importantly, data migration is a top priority during the entire process. We provide your team with best practices as we guide them through how, what and when to communicate as well as how to achieve clean data for a smooth transition. 

Simply stated, we get it. When choosing to upgrade your rewards program, the right loyalty provider is really important. When we helped Tropical Smoothie Café, LLC migrate from LevelUp their Director of Loyalty, Jennifer Donley believesour brand’s continuous front-end communication to guests along with the Punchh executed back-end tech strategy led to a successful guest migration and strong conversion numbers.” Now, “With Punchh we are able to provide a better experience as members have the capability to easily earn, redeem and pay online, in the cafe or in-app,” says Donley.

Read more about how Tropical Smoothie Café and Punchh worked together to ensure a smooth migration for existing loyalty and eClub members. 

We’ll make your migration easy too by:

  • Ensuring Reward Parity
    We will replicate any existing rewards, campaigns, coupons, and redeemable offers 
  • Converting Reward, Stored Value & Gift Cards
    We will convert and migrate balances from guests’ stored value accounts or wallets. Additionally, we will convert gift cards and migrate guests’ loyalty data 
  • Data Mapping & Conversion
    We will complete data mapping between your program and the Punchh Platform, ensuring ‘like-for-like’ data availability 
  • Executing a Successful Transition
    We will ensure that there is no loss of rewards when converting between programs, including points, banked reward dollars, or outstanding offers 

To provide an extra level of security during migration, Punchh offers a Secure Migration Flow. The easy steps taken during this process verify guest authenticity to ensure the proper migration of points and rewards for each and every member.  

We have hundreds of brands, both big and small that run their successful loyalty programs on the AI-powered Punchh Platform. We’re ready to help you. Ready to Move?

Schedule a personalized demo with our Punchh team today or email: punchhmarketing@partech.com! 

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