Creating an Immersive Loyalty Experience with Apple Wallet

By: Melissa Canellis


Today there is no shortage of loyalty programs for consumers to join. However, brands are struggling to keep pace with changing customer expectations, which include among a number of other features, frictionless, easy transactions. While most businesses have launched loyalty programs to drive retention and growth, many still fall short of delivering the results expected.  

And with the proliferation of loyalty programs, many consumers are struggling from application fatigue and are averse to carrying physical cards. In fact, a Harris Poll survey show that 79% of Americans are more likely to join a rewards program that doesn’t require them to carry a physical card, making it clear that consumers are looking for a seamless experience to stay connected with brands. Delivering a frictionless experience has become paramount to running a successful loyalty program.  

In order to deliver on customers’ expectations, especially those from younger generations, brands need to consider unifying loyalty transactions with the payments process, and in particular mobile payments process. Apply Pay usage is on the rise and the number of Apple Pay users is forecast to hit 48.7 million in 2023. Ninety-two percent of all the mobile wallet payments done in 2020 in the U.S. were made with Apple Pay and there are 2.3 billion mobile wallets in the world, 507 million of which are Apple Pay. Brands need to capitalize on the rapid growth and popularity of Apple Pay and integrate their loyalty program with Apple Wallet.  

Brands and their guests will see many benefits such as: 

  • Keep the line moving when guests pay and access loyalty in one tap 
  • Increase loyalty program enrollment  
  • Boost repeat visits and turn guests into regulars  
  • Larger loyalty user base leads to greater guest behavior insights  
  • Easy phone-based loyalty engagement encourages regular, active use and maximizes guest engagement with your brand  
  • Increases engagement through location-aware push notifications visible on the user’s lock screen  

Guest benefits include: 

  • Ultimate Convenience 
  • Ability to pay even if physical card is not present  
  • Wallet-based card is automatically selected, saving time  
  • Easily accrue and redeem Punchh points even without a brand’s mobile app  
  • Worry-free NFC (Near Field Communication) transaction secured with Touch ID 

Brands in the restaurant sector are working with providers to streamline and unify their loyalty program and payment processes. Recently, Salsarita’s, a popular Mexican Grill chain, leveraged PAR Pay’s One-Tap Loyalty solution to unify payments and their loyalty program using Apple Wallet. They created an immersive loyalty experience that allows for easy reward program sign up without downloading an app, ability to earn and redeem points, plus pay — all from a mobile phone.

Here’s a highlight from the webcast with Tim Carter, Salsarita’s
Chief Financial Officer

“I think we’re moving from a capabilities mode in the restaurant business to a performance mode. And it’s not, can you have that capability? But how well does your capability perform versus the next person? And you know, as we get to the point where we all have a loyalty platform, now it’s important where you can sign up for it with one tap and not have to type in a bunch of demographic information versus somebody who has to download an app and enter all the information and agree to terms and conditions and all that. It’s really attractive. That’s performance versus capability.  

We both have the capability, but you know if mine can perform better than yours — that’s a competitive advantage. And that was the real real driver for us. 

What we’ve seen today, and I’ll share later, is increases in user acquisition. We’re seeing a really good increase between 6% to 15% as well as users who are returning two times more after enrollment.”  

Check out more results, along with the fast and easy adoption and enablement across Salsarita’s tech stack, view their recent webcast now!  

 It is mission-critical time for brands to deliver a frictionless, easy, and enjoyable loyalty experience for their guests. One-Tap Loyalty integrated into a rewards program quickly revolutionizes payment strategies and paves the foundation for brands to create the loyalty experience their customers crave. 

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