2022 Customer Roadshow Highlights

By: Diane Le


In case you missed it, in November we held our 2022 Punchh Customer Roadshow, an event for current Punchh customers to learn about the latest Punchh product innovation, loyalty customer engagement trends and best practices. Attendees were able to network with other Punchh customers and hear from experts in the field, including the Punchh team and presenters from Braze, mParticle, and Attentive. From Long Beach to Dallas to Atlanta, we had an amazing time engaging face-to-face with our customers and partners in person.

Starting off the day, we launched our first Punchh User Group event, where Punchh customers could talk directly with our Product teams and other Punchh customers, providing product feedback, requests and enhancements they would like to see in the platform. The Punchh product team was excited to get the feedback directly from customers in-person and the team will be following up with additional user sessions exclusively for current Punchh customers.

Shortly after the user groups, our attendees got to hear from our speakers on a variety of loyalty and digital marketing topics. Some of the topics covered at the events included:

  •   The Latest Loyalty Trends for 2023
  •   The Value of Loyalty Programs
  •   Punchh’s 2023 Product Roadmap
  •   Why Bring CDPs into Your Ecosystem by mParticle
  •   SMS Marketing + Loyalty by Attentive
  •   Supercharging Your Communications Strategy by Braze
  •   And more!

After an informative day of sessions, we wrapped with an interactive loyalty workshop led by Punchh University expert Lindsay Jow, where customers paired together to share loyalty ideas and strategies in a case study format. It was also a chance for customers to break the ice with one another before heading out to a happy hour for more conversations, networking and fun.

It was fantastic connecting with many of Punchh’s customers in person. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next company event! If you’re interested in learning more about Punchh’s loyalty and engagment platform, try a 1:1 Demo.

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