Smart Marketing with Punchh’s NEW Machine Learning Enhancements

By: Melissa Canellis


Over the past several years the customer journey has become much more complex as people interact with brands in multiple ways, including in-store and online, over multiple channels such as, email, SMS, social and online ordering, and at multiple times, often in the same day. 

Brands no longer have the luxury of relying on a single channel to deliver comprehensive insights into everything customers are thinking and doing. Businesses need to actively seek out feedback from their customers to interact with them beyond just transactions and also to build a foundation of emotional loyalty that keeps them coming back.  

And as more channels have been added to the marketing stack, more disparate forms of data collection are happening across systems in an organization. Marketers are left challenged to find the tools that can integrate various data sources and formats and perform the processes to connect and analyze the data to turn it into actionable customer insights. 

Brands need to capitalize on advancements in technology to complement their loyalty and engagement strategies and make their practices around data and analytics fluid and seamless. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the key technologies that can deliver everything from integration to insights, and deliver it to scale. 

That’s why today, Punchh is so pleased to announce enhancements to the platform, extending its ML capabilities so brands can seize more opportunities to create meaningful connections along every touchpoint of the customer journey. 

NEW Punchh ML Features 

Feedback Sentiment 

Customers expect a consistent experience everywhere they interact with a brand. This means marketers need to create modern loyalty interactions that can be seamlessly delivered to customers who are dining-in or ordering in the app. To better meet guests’ expectations, brands need to expand their reach to gain data through feedback that can be mined to deliver a 360-view of the customer experience by location and sentiment.  

Punchh is achieving this for brands with its new Feedback Sentiment, a natural language processing (NLP)-based tool that provides details about brand sentiment based off of the feedback that guests can leave via prompts in the brand’s mobile app.  

Punchh Feedback Sentiment gives brands the ability to: 

  • Eliminate siloed feedback for a 360-view of the customer experience 
  • Extract unique insights from the on-site and in-app experience to make faster, feedback-driven decisions
  • Utilize detailed sentiment segmentation to target customers with messages that resonate towards their prior experiences with your brand

Marketers now have an integrated feedback tool that helps them gain a complete picture of transaction and behavioral patterns, from which to analyze and elevate feedback from customers at every location. Having the ability to combine your digital consumer experience tools with your restaurant loyalty data allows you to design a data-driven, personalized experience for your customers that you can continually improve upon.  

Smart Segments 

Many brands actively market their customers through mass emails to their entire database with generic promotions. The thought process being – it’s better to get the word out to everyone. This type of loyalty strategy can lead to email fatigue, causing customers to opt-out of campaigns and reduce the future chance of redemption and spend. 

Punchh smart segments easily allow marketers to save time by choosing from pre-defined customer segments based on industry-specific RFM (recency, frequency and monetary spend) benchmarks that are indicators of successful loyalty engagement, defined distinctly for QSR, Fast Casual, Casual Dining and C-store categories. Brands can deliver a greater level of sophisticated personalization to smaller, targeted ML-defined customer segments that better predict future engagement, create efficiency, and cost savings.  

Send-Time Optimization  

Building meaningful relationships means treating your customers as individuals. Collecting data is just the first step toward achieving this goal. Brands that capitalize on ML technology will uncover the hidden meaning behind all the data to truly connect 1:1 with their customers.  

With Punchh send-time optimization, historical data about customers’ preferences, unique time zones, blackout dates, etc. are optimized during mass campaigns to establish a more personalized approach to message delivery. Marketers can engage more effectively with their customers when they are most likely to be attentive to their email or in-app messaging, ensuring higher open rates. 

Brands that invest in cloud technology to further deliver on the development and deployment of an AI/ML strategy have the potential to continually innovate and be at the forefront of loyalty engagement. That’s the promise of predictive analytics — it offers businesses the best approach to successfully optimize their marketing performance and work at peak efficiency now and into the future. 

Learn more about Punchh’s enhanced ML platform and how marketers can leverage it to outperform the competition.

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