How Customer Service is the Secret Sauce to a Successful Loyalty Program

By: Melissa Canellis


Often one of the most challenging aspects of growing a brand is to deliver a consistent experience. Not only in every location, but across every channel. Today’s customers’ expectations are a growing list of must-haves needed to garner their loyal business. Guests walking into your business expect a clean, welcoming atmosphere, a friendly staff that helps them quickly, quality food and an easy and convenient experience that makes them want to return. Customers purchasing online from you actually want the same experience. They’re looking for a branded online or mobile ordering experience, friendly help for any questions, quality food in a timely manner, and access to the latest payment methods. 

In order to create a successful in-store, online and in-app experience, brands need to get to know their customers. Loyalty programs offer businesses the opportunity to collect and utilize guest data. Guest data holds the key to helping a brand’s customer service go from good to great. With the right data insights, businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviors and preferences, which enables them to deliver more personalized offers and experiences.  

Launching a new loyalty program however, must be not only enticing for customers, but effortless as well. Businesses sometimes underestimate the influx of guest inquiries they will receive with the launch of a program. A brand’s marketing and customer support teams are often already stretched thin. They tend to be understaffed, overwhelmed and lack the knowledge needed to respond to guests’ questions.

That’s why at Punchh we offer a guest services solution option along with the kickoff of a new loyalty program. The solution provides a seasoned team, who has been through hundreds of launches. The team helps brands troubleshoot initial sign-up inquiries and post-launch questions, so a brand’s focus can remain on delivering a rewarding loyalty program strategy. 

With a scalable team to manage any surges in volume, brands have the capacity to provide excellent customer service to guests trying to activate and utilize their loyalty program. The team also helps businesses recognize any trends that need to be addressed to eliminate any obstacles for use and enjoyment by their customers. Here are some of the top commonly asked questions after a new loyalty program launch:

  • How do I reset my Password
  • How do I get  mobile app to work on my device
  • I downloaded the new app, but where did my points go
  • Why can’t I scan my receipt
  • Why is a reward missing from my account

Brands want to see customers interested in joining their program and enjoying their member benefits. To do this they must remove any barriers to use. A loyalty program by its very nature is designed to encourage greater engagement and affinity for a brand. That’s why the customer service component cannot be overlooked. If brands don’t want guests to delete their app after the first use, they need to provide a mobile experience that is easy, seamless and rewarding. 

Embedding a customer-first strategy throughout the business keeps guests front and center.  Businesses will value from taking this approach. As seen from the statistics below, building lasting relationships with customers increases retention and increases a brand’s bottom line.

  • 54% of organizations will prioritize shifting from reactive to proactive service in 2022 (Gartner)
  • 86% of customers said an emotional connection with a customer service agent would make them continue to do business with the company (Forbes)
  • A loyalty increase of 7% can boost lifetime profits per customer by as much as 85% (Brand Keys)
  • 93% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases at companies with excellent customer service (HubSpot)

For brands ready to deliver a customer-centric loyalty program, schedule a personalized demo today. 

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