3 Loyalty Strategies For Summer Campaigns to Increase Customer Engagement

By: Diane Le


Summer is almost here! This is a favorite season of the year, marked with beachtime memories, warm sun and outdoor adventures with friends and family.

Summertime is also a key marketing season for many brands. For our Convenience Store brands, this period of road trips and travel tends to be the high season for sales. For Restaurants, summer is a time to launch new menu items and drive sales of all things cool and refreshing.

If you’re running a loyalty program, we encourage you to use this summer to test some new, engaging loyalty experiences. Go beyond just offering a deal and think about how you can use your offers to drive more engagement with your customers.

Here are 3 top loyalty strategies that Punchh customers have used to drive more customer engagement for summer campaigns:

McCalister's Tea Pass1. Subscriptions Increase Customer Loyalty Engagement

Subscriptions are hot and summer is the perfect time to pilot a new program. Consider having a subscription where the customer pays a flat fee upfront and unlocks the ability to get a free item or discount everyday for a month or for the summer season. It’s a great way to drive summertime frequency, especially if your brand is known for a particular product.

For example, McAlister’s Deli has a tea pass where customers pay $6.99 for a free tea everyday for 30 consecutive days. It’s a great value for their customers and drives frequency to their stores.


Casey's Sweepstake2.  Reward Loyalty Visits with Instant Win Surprises

Gamify your loyalty program and drive engagement this summer with instant win prizes using Punchh’s Surprise Sets feature. With Surprise Sets, you can set up various odds of winning different prizes for customers and set it up to only trigger after they make a qualifying purchase. For example, send out an announcement stating that all visits during the summer have a chance at winning bonus points, free items or valuable discounts.


Taco Bell Post3. Challenges, Challenges and more Challenges

For brands that experience a big spike in traffic during the summer months, consider rolling out challenges to drive more incremental behavior without discounting during your high season. Challenges are campaigns that reward people with bonus points or offers, but only after they complete certain purchase tasks. If you’d like to build out a long sequence of tasks, say purchasing 10 ice creams to get 500 bonus points, Punchh’s challenges module makes it easy to visualize and track how far away a customer is from their challenge completion.

Interested in learning how to creatively execute more ideas all year round? Learn more about the Punchh Loyalty, Offers, and Engagement platform with a personalized demo to see how we can help you take your loyalty program from now to WOW.

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