Holiday Marketing Stats That Will Make You Jolly

By: Melissa Canellis


The holidays are finally here! While we transition into December and news of the Omicron Variant evolves in the U.S., consumers’ shopping habits and plans for celebrating may include a wide range of activities. For many, the vaccine is the difference maker compared to last year. 

An integral part of the festivities is always the food and shopping. According to Google data, while 47% of U.S. consumers say that COVID-19 will impact how they shop during the holidays, many are already planning celebrations — and are doing so early. Additionally, in the U.S. Food and Beverage category, which is most commonly purchased across seasonal moments, 79% of people are buying in this category for New Year’s celebrations.   

Provide Value to Accelerate Customer Loyalty

While it was just 18 months ago that many brands pivoted to quickly get in place online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery, to meet the preferences of their customers’ new lifestyles. The challenge this year will be to continue providing a seamless online experience for their guests while at the same time keeping in-store operations going. 

To meet the growing demand of customers looking to dine out during the holidays or supplement their holiday meals with prepared foods, more and more restaurants are revising their in-store operations to address labor shortages and supply chain issues to remain open during the season. They’re also delivering targeted offers to provide value to their most loyal patrons.  

Leverage Technology to Deliver Personalized Experiences

Innovative brands need to put their data to work for them this season. By implementing a data-driven strategy, they are ensuring that they’re responding to their customers’ needs first and foremost. Data from an AI-powered platform also ensures that marketers have the analytics and tools to create personalized incentives and experiences that drive visits, both on- and off-premise. These tactics can also ultimately increase spend and drive frequency. This is particularly important during the months of November and December that have been found to produce 72% of the top 25 highest sales days for restaurants, reported by Google.

Special holidays also mean more customers engaged on their phones during these prime shopping days. According to Google findings, mobile searches for “best deals” have grown by over 90%, indicating concepts will have many moments to get in front of their customers during the holidays. Couple that with 51% of smartphone users being more likely to use a company or brand’s mobile app when browsing or shopping on a smartphone because they can get rewards or points, and it’s clear why digital loyalty programs are critical to a brand’s success. 

Many concepts understand the importance of seizing these opportunities to encourage 1-2 additional visits per month, which can mean the difference between flat sales and important 2021 end-of-the-year growth.

Optimize Customer Interactions with the Punchh Platform

Punchh has been helping concepts of all sizes take a data-driven approach to customer segmentation and the delivery of targeted campaigns around the holidays and all throughout the year. Brands rely on our platform and powerful AI engine to maximize their omnichannel marketing to reach their customers with the right offer, at the right time, and over the right channels.

Learn more about the Punchh Loyalty, Offers and Engagement Platform or reach out to our team for a personalized demo.  


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