Braze and Punchh: Optimizing Customer Engagement in a Whole New Way

By: Brittany Maroney


As personalization over customization becomes the norm in marketing strategies, more and more marketing teams are looking for an integrated solution that allows them to provide individual journeys to their customers, identify key trends in those events, and adapt their messaging accordingly. Key differentiators can be as simple as identifying geography, key demographics, or send-time preferences to engage consumers at the 1:1 level. 

Data is the key to creating customized interactions with your guests. With Braze and Punchh, you have greater control over your data and can pull deeper insights from each engagement. Integrating these two platforms provides your concept with a way to personalize loyalty campaigns by channel, send time, copy, and creative or use dynamic segmentation tags to change messaging based on criteria like geography or or buying preferences. Continue to learn and grow with machine learning-enabled insights that generate new data, ideas, and audiences as you interact in-app or via mobile, web, SMS, or email. Braze and Punchh a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love.

Build dynamic audiences with real-time data and real-world context

Collect, orchestrate and activate your loyalty strategy with ease, adapting to unique customer preferences or actions taken by users via the Punchh solution. Use these insights to track high-value user interactions within your application and thereby trigger any number and type of follow-up campaigns, enabling you to create segmentation filters based on the recency and frequency of that event in Punchh. Having greater control of your customer’s first-party data can lead to smarter decision-making and more substantial outcomes spanning engagement, retention, and revenue. And with the joint integration of Punchh’s ML and Braze’s platform, you’ll have access to ML-enabled insights that generate new data, ideas, and audiences as you continue to refine your strategy.

A/B test your loyalty campaigns and optimize as you go

Brands will now have new ways to activate first-party data through audience segmentation and message personalization while remaining compliant with evolving privacy requirements. Create simple, yet powerful cross-channel journeys that allow you to test and measure the impact of campaigns in the moment with native reporting tools that offer even deeper insights on past performance to help determine effectiveness and drive better outcomes. Conversion correlations help brands uncover insights about customers most or least likely to convert after receiving a campaign. 

Deliver robust, cross-channel experiences to your customers 

Leverage powerful segment/audience data from Braze to deliver even more meaningful and dynamic cross-channel experiences for your loyalists in-app or via mobile, web, email, and SMS. Use active segmentation tags to change messaging based on a customer’s geography or other behaviors and attributes. Braze notes the number of times these events have occurred and the last time each user in each segmentation performed them. On the Custom Events page in the Dashboard, you can view in aggregate how often each custom event occurs, as well as by segment over time, for more detailed analysis. This is particularly useful when evaluating your Punchh campaigns and how they have affected event activity within the Braze platform.

Now with Braze and Punchh, you can power relevant, personalized customer experiences in real-time, creating customer connections and driving growth via an integrated data-driven, cross-channel solution. Best of all, this easy-to-implement solution amplifies your current ecosystem saving time and money, while implementing a best-in-class engagement solution that extends far outside of your four walls. 

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