National Pizza Month Offers Brands Innovative Ways to Connect with Customers

By: Melissa Canellis


Punchh is excited to celebrate National Pizza Month. We love our pizza customers and helping them create exciting campaigns to observe this very important national food holiday!

America’s pizza market continues to grow, generating an estimated $47 billion in revenue, according to IBIS World data. That equates to about 4.1 billion pizzas being consumed every year. Punchh powers customer loyalty and engagement for 29 of the most popular pizza brands, who contribute to these totals. During the past year, Punchh pizza customers generated a combined $4.9 billion in loyalty revenue. Pizza concepts are clearly hitting it out the park when it comes to generating loyalty among their guests.

For Pizza Brands There’s Always a Day to Celebrate!

National Pizza Month

National food holidays are one way brands are elevating their marketing strategy to increase traffic and sales. The food industry officially and unofficially celebrates hundreds of days a year. This offers our customers an opportunity to run innovative campaigns with highly customized segmentation and personalized promotions that deliver meaningful value to their generations of customers. Pizza restaurants in particular have the entire month to celebrate, as October is National Pizza Month, along with nine additional related days to inspire customer interaction and engagement.

Papa John Rewards iPhoneDelivering on Customer Preferences Takes Priority

Papa John’s utilizes their Punchh-powered loyalty program data to gain customer insights around transaction history, daypart, basket size, and preferences to understand and deliver on their customers’ changing needs. During National Pizza Month they are seizing the opportunity to develop new campaigns and offerings. They launched their very first Charitable Giving Weekend using the Punchh Social Causes module. Papa Reward Members were provided the opportunity to give back by donating their Papa Dough to The Papa John’s Foundation for Building Community from October 15-17.

They also are giving Early Access to Papa Reward members to try a new-flavored Papadia. The lunchtime Papadia first launched during the pandemic, providing guests with a new occasion for ordering. Plus, customers will be able to get a LTO Jack-o-Lantern pizza on Halloween. From “sneak peaks” to charitable giving, Papa Johns is driving engagement during National Pizza Month through highly curated customer experiences.

Building Profitable Customer RelationshipsRoundtable Email iPhone

Round Table Pizza doesn’t miss a chance to celebrate with their customers. Utilizing the Punchh Loyalty, Offers and Engagement Platform to unify their once-fragmented tech stack and customer data. The brand now has access to actionable insights that fuels their future strategies and campaigns to drive better results. In today’s crowded and unpredictable marketplace, every moment with a guest matters — from marketing National Food Holidays to operations.

Round Table Pizza recently capitalized on National Cheese Day to deliver a little something extra to their valuable reward members. “Punchh’s API website integration has made it extremely easy for guests to join the rewards program, whether it’s at the start or end of the ordering process,” said Warwick McLaren, VP of Omni-Channel Marketing at Global Franchise Group. “Our easy sign-up user experience has played a big factor in driving consistent sign-up and participation growth for our program.” National Cheese Day offered the franchise a fun way to say “thank you” to their valued customers for their continued support.

Convenience stores are also getting in on the action. Casey’s, the 5th largest pizza chain in the United States, uses their mobile loyalty app to deliver personalized pizza and other food offers to customers while they are at the pump, incentivizing them to come inside the store after they fill up.

Online pizza orders are helping boost sales with an increase by double digits YoY, as are the number of brands offering curbside pickup and delivery options. It’s clear that consumers still want the choice and convenience of multiple ordering, pickup, and delivery channels as they maintain the desire for health and safety. And when you combine those channels with an integrated loyalty platform that gathers data from each consumer touchpoint, you gain a complete view of your customers so you can lead them into a lasting loyalty journey with your brand.

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