National Burger Day 2021 Sizzles with Loyalty Offerings and an Increase in Online Ordering

By: Brittany Maroney


Despite the recent rise of the chicken sandwich, the mighty burger still reigns supreme. Today, more than half of all sandwiches sold are burgers, equating to over 50 billion per year, almost 2.9 burgers a week, per person. 

So what better way to celebrate the humble burger than with its own national holiday! As brands welcome back customers this summer, unexpected holidays like National Burger Day offer a fun way to showcase menu staples and house specialties.

So why should restaurant operators utilize national food holidays in their loyalty strategy? Savvy brands and burger-based concepts have found that crafting promotions around these particular holidays are a great way to build sales, target traffic, and grow loyalty. Incorporating national food holidays into your marketing strategy will help deliver personalized engagement to a customer-base craving experiential dining options. 

This year, Punchh customers used their loyalty platforms to reach millions of consumers with unique burger-focused campaigns via email, push notifications, and other channels. Offers on National Burger day were up 94.88% over last year, signaling that brands are getting more competitive as we head into the back half of 2021. Brands like Mooyah Burgers, Fries and Shakes celebrated the holiday by pushing out buy-one-get-one-free offers, while concepts like Max & Erma and Steak ‘n Shake offered 2x the loyalty points. Each concept utilized the Punchh platform to customize the offering to their brand’s business objectives. 

Punchh National Burger Day Infographic

Another benefit of activating your loyalty program alongside a national food day is the opportunity to craft seamless journeys based on various customer touchpoints and adapt those interactions to drive purchasing habits. Events like National Burger Day help brands analyze each data point, segment customer experiences, and offer predictions for future offers that will engage the guest, whether that be offering check-in rewards, segmenting by geography or creating tiered offers based on their customers preferences. By automating campaigns and working with an AI-powered loyalty solution restaurant brands are able to automate processes, glean more insights and create higher lifetime value from their guests. 

Offers based on food holidays have increased in popularity, and many concepts are also discovering that they have a distinctive way of lifting online sales and building loyalty. During the 2021 National Burger Day, Punchh connected its restaurant partners with 5.3M targeted consumers via push notifications to digital devices. Punchh’s data also showed a 72.8% increase in online ordering redemptions, with Punchh customers experiencing an 87.9% lift in loyalty sales on National Burger Day YOY. This is further proof that even as in-store dining returns, digital loyalty, and omnichannel experiences will be more critical than ever.

If you’re looking for a loyalty partner with the features, integrations, and services you need to engage your customers and drive higher CLV, let us prove how the Punchh Platform can help you create campaigns and offers that really sizzle. Schedule a personalized demo today, and bring us your toughest loyalty challenges.

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