5 Pizza Restaurant Marketing Tips to Grow Your Slice in the Market in 2022

By: Melissa Canellis


Punchh knows pizza, and we proved it by powering customer loyalty and engagement for 9 of the top 20 pizza brands in the US. In the past year, Punchh pizza customers have generated a combined $3.9B in loyalty revenue, with $420M (11%) coming from spend lift.

Pizza is not just America’s favorite cuisine; it’s also an extremely competitive business. With so many pizza brands looking for an advantage, it’s essential to keep up strategically and technologically. Here are five tips we’ve distilled from our customers:

There’s Always a Day to Celebrate!

Punchh Pizza Holidays

Restaurant marketers have multiple pizza holidays to engage customers and drive visits.

The United States celebrates 10 National Holidays, but the food industry is a different beast, officially and unofficially celebrating hundreds of days a year. Our customer, Blaze Pizza, talks about the fantastic work they did with Pi Day when their $3.14 pizza turned into 200,000 app user acquisitions. Pizza restaurants have an entire month to celebrate (National Pizza Month – October) and 9 other days to create fun ways to interact with your customers. 

Empower Your Local Franchisees

Creating a 1:1 connection doesn’t just happen with a marketing platform at corporate headquarters, but also needs to be extended and managed at the franchisee level. For our customer Pie Five, the Punchh solution allows the franchisee to take control of a portion of their marketing efforts, which frees up time for corporate marketing and helps deliver a more personalized local response. Check out how Pie Five increased loyalty revenue by 30% by moving its rewards platform to Punchh, helping them easily create customer loyalty and engagement that gives them an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Seasonal Offers

Keeping your menu fresh is always a good idea. Of course, you have your standby items that will never leave the menu, but as the seasons change, so do your customers’ tastes and vendors’ prices. The ability to promote and track aggressively priced seasonal ingredients allows you to save money, bring creativity to your menu, and discover more about your customer preferences to segment them for future offers. 

Restaurant Customer Segments 

Once you realize the power of restaurant customer segmentation, you will never want to market without it. From knowing your family customers, who always order in bulk, your vegetarian customers, and your every-Friday night customers, the ability to segment and market intelligently and thoughtfully will increase frequency and spend. For example, if you have customers that order a family-size meal once a month, give them an incentive to make it twice; conversely, if you don’t see customers for a few months, offer them a family size reason to come back. If someone has never purchased a meat product from you, don’t send them the National Pepperoni Pizza day coupon! Your customers enjoy you enough to share some of their information with you, do your best to show you are listening with segmented and personalized offers.

Contactless Delivery 

By the end of 2019, consumer spending on pizza delivery was $11B, an increase of $1.2B from 2018, the most significant year-on-year growth in recent years (Statista). Throughout the pandemic, our pizza customers have thrived, due in part to the consumer’s love of their product and also the ease of contactless ordering, pick up and delivery they provided. Pizza has always been a highly competitive business. The restaurants that are flourishing today have seamlessly transitioned to providing their customers with a variety of fulfillment options from curbside pickup to contactless delivery. During these tough times, make sure your customers can get your pizza painlessly and conveniently.

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