Leveraging Customer Connections and Data to Build Customer Loyalty Programs

By: Melissa Canellis


The Importance of Customer Loyalty Programs

Delivering business results in today’s environment is more difficult than just a few months ago. Brands have been working to meet customers’ needs across new omnichannel operations and omnichannel marketing touchpoints during very challenging and unanticipated circumstances.

To keep moving forward brands need to evolve the guest experience by leveraging customer connections and customer data to build customer loyalty programs they can capitalize on during their reopening phase. Following are three key data strategies aimed at enhancing the customer experience.

Create Connections to Drive Loyalty  

While driving business through your marketing channels is critical for your brand, it’s also important to engage customers outside of the buying cycle. Engaging customers through more digital touchpoints helps create additional opportunities for interaction and learning, while also allowing you to gather additional data. Capitalize while customers have more time to spend on their mobile devices and are interested in more ways to use them.

If you have an app:

  • Entertain customers with games
  • Emphasize the ease of online ordering
  • Encourage reviews & feedback

On your social channels:

  • Create interactive surveys & quizzes
  • Demonstrate community involvement
  • Offer how-to-videos & share recipes

Keeping a pulse on customer sentiment, especially as it shifts during the reopening phase of your business, will provide important metrics regarding the safety and satisfaction of your guest experience. 

 Drive Multidimensional Segmentation

Brands need to stretch their marketing resources and do more with less. To boost customer loyalty campaign results marketers should begin developing an understanding of behavioral characteristics and transactional analytics to construct micro-customer segments based on:

  • Order size & menu preferences
  • Order frequency & method
  • Loyalty transactions

 Leveraging data will help brands keep pace with delivering a relevant customer experience as it evolves into the new normal.

 Deliver Personalization Through Campaigns

Brands have been taking a more omnichannel marketing approach to address customers’ needs. Further building upon these efforts to capture every engagement touchpoint will yield a more holistic view of your brand’s customers. You can then move beyond a one-size-fits-all marketing approach and deliver valuable personalization:

  • With real-time incentives
  • Through tailored marketing messages
  • For preferred contactless operations 
  • Over customers’ favored devices & channels

Breaking through the clutter will be a priority moving forward and brands that can deliver personalization are setting the stage for success.

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