AI Tech Award for Deep Sentiment Analysis

By: Punchh


We’re very happy to share that Punchh Deep Sentiment Analysis won an AI TechAward in the Emotion & Behavioral AI category. Punchh Deep Sentiment Analysis allows retailers to analyze customer reviews at scale and instantly extract valuable, actionable insights. There are two main factors contributing to our technology’s success. First, in the backend we have fine-tuned an industry-leading language model using the latest deep learning technologies. Second, Punchh has invested a substantial amount of time in creating the data sets and testing the model.

The AI TechAwards celebrate technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the industry and by the developer community. Other companies recognized for their work this year include Samsung, Veritone, Red Hat and Cognitiv.

Technical innovation is our passion, and Punchh Deep Sentiment Analysis is only one of many AI products we’ve been developing here at Punchh.  We are constantly pushing the boundaries of how AI can bring true value to physical retailers and will be bringing more solutions to market in the coming months.

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