Personalized Marketing Strategies for Retail Convenience Stores

By: Punchh


The way to impact customer behavior today is through the delivery of timely, relevant, and even surprising offers that speak directly to the individual consumer—offers that aren’t static, but dynamic and highly personalized. Personalization has a direct correlation to incremental revenue and increased conversion rate.

Instead of sending a generic $1 off promotion, consider the impact of saying something like, “John, we know you like to start your weekday mornings with a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, so why not treat yourself to an afternoon pick-me-up?”

This level of familiarity and personalized offer makes a brand stand out—and it raises the bar for the customer’s other brand experiences. It’s service that goes above and beyond, and because it’s so highly relevant, it doesn’t necessarily feel intrusive.

While 92% of marketing professionals see personalization as a “crucial” element of the customer experience, over 50% say that their organization cannot deliver the personalization its customers crave. (Verndale)

In order to create a truly personalized consumer experience, your acquisition and loyalty program campaigns should be personalized based on a complete customer profile which includes demographic, psychographic, and in-store and online and in-app behavior. Combined with analytics that provide insights at the program, customer, and store level, AI/ML technologies can also be used to predict consumer behavior—including customer affinities, churn rates, and sentiments. Based on these characteristics, customer segments of all different types can be designed and targeted with specific campaigns to drive desired behaviors.

Brands clearly need access to robust data, which is  provided from POS transactions. Without the ability to gather and analyze this data, brands lose out on valuable information about their customers’ behaviors and preferences. In order  to build meaningful relationships, c-stores need to create highly-defined customer segments and personalized offers that drive sales lift and increase  lifetime value. With offer creation also comes the stress of remembering to correctly set all the  SKUs and modifiers within the system. Integrated systems provide marketers with the ability to make real-time adjustments to receipt criteria or the offer on the fly, without the help of IT.

Additionally, today c-store customers want to engage with their favorite brands literally anytime, whether they’re at
the pump, making a purchase in the store or checking their email. Convenience chains need to provide omnichannel offers, especially through their mobile app to drive foot traffic into their stores.

The Punchh C-store Loyalty Program Solution

Punchh provides you with the data to create sophisticated, personalized, and segmented campaigns. Our 360° customer insights include demographics, behavior, recency, visits, spend, and location. Our segmentation is based on hundreds of customer attributes, meaning you will have support for both static and dynamic segments. With this information you can execute compelling campaigns and programs that will drive the value of each and every one of your customers. Check out how Pucnhh can help your brand take their marketing and loyalty efforts to the next level. Contact us today!

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