5 Campaigns To Attract, Retain and Create Repeat Customers

By: Punchh


Attracting and retaining customers can be difficult but also rewarding. A 2016 study found that loyalty program customers generate between 12 and 18 percent more revenue than customers who are not members of loyalty programs. Loyalty campaigns can help you build a strong emotional connection with your customers, which will help you retain them and turn them into brand advocates.

So what types of campaigns can you run to attract and retain customers? What would they look like? Here we take a look at some different options.

Campaigns that Encourage Customers to Sign Up

Sign up campaigns entice customers to download your app and sign up for your loyalty program. You can entice guests with points or offer a free beverage or other menu item. One Punchh customer encourages guests to sign up by offering them a free order of french fries when they download the app.

Campaigns that Surprise and Delight

Gifting is a top way to surprise and delight customers. These campaigns are where you give something to a customer for free on their birthday or anniversary (this could be a personal anniversary or the anniversary of their membership). The free item is typically received when a purchase is made. This means that whatever you give has to be enticing enough to get the customer to come in and redeem it. This could be a dessert, an upgraded item, or additional points. For example, one Punchh customer gives loyalty guests a free burrito on their birthday.

Campaigns that Encourage Customer Referrals

With a referral campaign, you are rewarding your customer for bringing in a friend or family member. For this type of campaign to be successful, the referral reward needs to be beneficial to both the giver and receiver. You want to offer the recipient, the person who is being referred, something enticing enough to get them to sign up. In addition, you want to thank the giver with something; this is usually less than what you give to the recipient. For example, you can run a refer a friend campaign where the friend receives 20 points for signing up through a referral and the current customer receives 10 points for referring them.

Campaigns that Compress Time Between Visits and Recall Customers

To compress time between customer visits and recall customers you will need the power of customer data. With this information, you will be able to understand why customers are not returning as often and offer them something to bring them back sooner. For example, if you find that a customer is only coming in on the weekends, push an offer that will entice them to return during the week.

A recall campaign is meant to bring back customers who haven’t visited your location in a while. To recall a customer, it is important to offer them something exciting that will bring them back. For example, one customer offers a by-one-get-one free pizza buffet deal if a customer has not been in for 90 consecutive days.

Campaigns that Expand Your Social Media Presence

Social media gets people talking about your brand. Relevant social media campaigns include contests, using advocates, and mobile check-in offers. While advocates may seem expensive compared to contests and mobile check-in offers, they do not need to be costly. Consider finding brand loyalists who are willing to promote your brand, not for a payment, but perhaps for 10% off of their orders or extra monthly points. This cost can be far less than paying a celebrity to become a social media brand advocate.


Of these types of campaigns, you may find that one, two, or even all of them suit your needs. Campaigns like these make customers feel special, will keep them coming back, and do not have to be expensive. By offering the right offer at the right time, you can grow your number of loyal customers. Punchh customers run these campaigns, and many more, frequently and have seen amazing results. Learn more ways to do grow your loyalty program by downloading our free whitepaper: Turn Guests Into Customers For Life With A Modern Loyalty Program.

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