4 Reasons to Go Mobile For Your Online Ordering

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Punchh Inc

In a digital era that increasingly economizes time and convenience, traditional phone-to-waiter ordering is a remnant of a bygone era. Typing, not talking, is the preferred method of communication today, and that includes placing food orders.

In reality, chances are that if you don’t have an online ordering system, you’re already behind. The expectations of consumers to be able to get things “on-demand” has never been higher, so if you don’t have the right technology in place, you could be losing out on a lot of potential revenue.

Still not convinced? Check out the following 4 benefits to adopting a system and strategy for mobile ordering:

  1. Increased Sales 

In contrast to a telecommunication line which can only hold one interaction at a time, an online interface can instantaneously place transactions en-masse with ease. Ordering through your branded mobile app can also help eliminate inefficiencies and other errors associated with verbal ordering. Moreover, you can now let the UI handle all customer interactions, as opposed to the sunk cost of hiring human labor to receive orders on an individual basis.

Our customer, Moe's Southwest Grill, is a perfect example of this. After implementing an integrated online ordering system with our Punchh Loyalty solution, Moe's saw an increase of 75% in mobile app online ordering revenue.

  1. Help "Socialize" Your Brand

Silly as it may sound, we’re moving into an age in which the social aesthetic and visual appeal of our food is starting to take precedence over the actual taste. If you’re a Millennial, you’re probably already aware of this phenomenon (#PhoneEatsFirst). If you’re not, all you have to do is observe teenagers at a restaurant as they eagerly receive their food-- their first reaction isn’t to take a bite, but rather to pull out their smartphones and post photos of their meals to social media.

Having a mobile ordering app that can integrate with different social media networks can immediately garner free word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Allowing these sharing capabilities can also help ensure you get properly mentioned in a guest’s post so you can capture and track that digital engagement with your customers.

  1. Collect Richer Data

Mobile apps allow for your brand to amass richer pools of data on your customers. Most mobile ordering apps will prompt the customer to provide basic information in order to use the app, such as email or phone number. The data that your brand can now collect (like demographics, online order history, and food preferences) can help you create personalized dining experience for your guests. With this information, marketing technology systems like ours are then able to segment your customers so you can provide them with targeted marketing campaigns.

  1. Earned Rewards and Offers

Mobile ordering systems have come a long way and can be customized not only to your brand but your individual store. When paired to a loyalty program, your brand can customize your store’s mobile app to include not just ordering capabilities, but also everything from earning points, to unlocking coupons or even games or music streaming.

More than just convenience, in general, consumers today want to feel valued and loyalty programs give guests a stronger incentive to use your apps, especially when seamlessly integrated into the overall ordering experience. Research shows that 52% of Millennials use their mobile devices to take advantage of app-based loyalty rewards and coupons.

Don't Settle for Outdated Ordering

Moving your restaurant’s ordering system to a mobile-based app sends two signals to the customer: first, that you respect and value their time and business, and second, that your brand is keeping up with the digital era. But ultimately, if you make ordering convenient and easy to use, you’ll see both higher average check sizes as well as higher retention rates.

To learn more about how to acquire loyal customers through mobile ordering, visit us at punchh.com, or grab a copy of our free brochure.

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