Punchh, Attentive, Luna Grill

Modern loyalty is about more than just getting people to opt in. It’s about how you keep them engaged once they’re in your program and using retention channels—like SMS—to deliver experiences that drive customer lifetime value.

Discover how Luna Grill uses Attentive and Punchh to drive repeat purchases and engage their loyal customers, including:

  • Unlock Data-Driven Insights: See how Luna Grill leverages data from Attentive and Punchh to optimize their loyalty campaigns for incredible results
  • Enhance Customer Experiences: Learn how to create personalized interactions that truly connect with your guests, making every message count
  • Adopt Innovative Retention Tactics: Discover the creative strategies Luna Grill uses to ensure customers keep coming back, and how you can apply these tactics to your own business

Featured Speakers

Maddie Nixon
Digital Marketing Manager
Luna Grill

Aimee Steinberger
Senior Customer Success Manager
PAR Punchh

Chris Nguyen
Lead Client Strategy Manager, Food & Beverage