Restaurants and retailers that focus on exceptional customer experience earn almost six times more revenue than those that don’t make CX a priority. So when it comes to customer feedback, no news is actually bad news for your loyalty program goals. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult for your guests to provide feedback in a fast or frictionless way, so it never gets shared back to the brand.

Watch this discussion to hear how Hooters pairs customer feedback with loyalty strategy to set themselves apart in the crowded table service market. You’ll learn:

  • Extend your brand experience beyond your physical stores to engage and retain guests
  • Eliminate siloed feedback for a 360-view of your guests
  • Drive engagement with automated survey distribution that actually gets a response
  • Increase performance of core KPIs like loyalty participation, visit frequency, and lifetime value

Featured Speakers

Chip Davis
Director of Operations Services, Hooters of America

John Tosto
VP of Sales, Tattle

Lori Stout
VP of Marketing, Punchh/PAR Technology