Pizza brands are innovating and developing marketing programs that not only engage new customers but are retaining them at a faster rate. Punchh works with nine of the top 20 U.S. pizza brands to help create personalized experiences that build lasting customer loyalty and engagement. With the ability to understand and segment customers based on behavior, visit frequency, average spend and personal preferences, select pizza brands are rising to the top.

Ready to check out the latest loyalty trends to position your brand for success? Tune into this on-demand video as we discuss:

  • Promotions that drove a 10% YoY increase in pizza sales
  • Loyalty strategies that are helping pizza chains achieve $14.1M in online ordering sales
  • How a pizza brand leveraged Pi Day to drive over 200,000 new loyalty fans

Featured Speaker

Brittany Maroney
Director Marketing Communications, PAR/Punchh