Don’t miss your opportunity to view unreleased 2022 B2C Forrester loyalty data!

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The last few years have caused restaurant, c-store and grocery chains to completely shift their loyalty strategies in how they communicate and connect with their customers. Acquiring and keeping customers is now harder than ever, and brands must stay at the forefront or risk falling behind their competition.

How do you better serve your customers throughout the customer lifecycle? Tune into this on-demand recording as our guest speaker, Forrester’s VP, Principal Analyst, Mary Pilecki, shares:

  • How loyalty now extends across the entire customer lifecycle, and what brands must do to focus on their customers’ wants and needs at every stage
  • An in-depth look at the 7 stages of the customer lifecycle, with actionable strategies and recommendations for each stage
  • Best-in class examples of retailers and chains who knock loyalty out of the park, and how to replicate their success
  • How to improve customer engagement, deepen the customer relationship, and ensure every customer understands the value of their loyalty

Featured Speakers:

Mary Pilecki
Vice President, Principal Analyst – Forrester

Lori Stout
Vice President of Marketing – Punchh/PAR Technology