Designed for all your marketing


Engage any customer anytime, anyplace, across any channel
  • Seamless, omni-channel customer engagement via mobile, web, pos, kiosk, wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay), email, SMS, and chatbot
  • Comprehensive and native support for customer interactions including loyalty, referrals, ordering, payments, surveys/feedback/sharing, games, etc. For a full list of interactions, please refer to our product page
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Predict customer behavior and define the right offer at the right moment
  • 360° customer insights including demographics, behavior, recency, visits, spend, and locations
  • Easy-to-use CRM dashboard, analytics and reporting for program and store performance
  • Extensive integrations to third-party Ordering/eCommerce/ POS/other vendors and channels for real-time transaction data capture
  • For a full list of integrations to third-party vendors, channels and touchpoints, please refer to our partner’s page
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Execute marketing at any store and across any channel automatically
  • Best-in-class, comprehensive, real-time, dynamic, pre-built, and custom segmentation capabilities
  • Flexible campaign and offer management capabilities
  • Real-time campaign performance and ROI analytics
  • Native support for push notifications and pre-built integrations and APIs for third-party email, SMS, WiFi, and other marketing vendors

Built for the end-to-end application lifecycle


customer journeys and optimized experiences for all channels



your own apps with our mobile framework



to any system including POS, ordering, email, or other system using our comprehensive REST APIs and pre-built integrations



programs, users, stores, franchisees, and access control using Punchh Admin Console



customer data within Punchh and/or export to third-party data repositories and analytics tools



system performance, scalability, and availability


Developer Friendly

Highly configurable and customizable

Configure and customize the platform to run any type of loyalty program or customer engagement, gather any customer insights, and fit to your organization, customers, and systems.

Easy to integrate via APIs and pre-built integrations

Connect to any system with our comprehensive, robust and fast APIs with average response-times of <50 milliseconds, Mobile App framework, and Webhooks. Use our pre-built integrations to save time.

Easy to extend

Extend data model to fit your organization, franchisees, customers, and vendors. Add custom fields, gather any insights from customers, and track different channel and device touch points.



Performance that scales

Built on a cloud-based, big data, SaaS architecture, Punchh supports high volume transactions, campaigns, and user interactions, handling millions of activities per day. Regardless of size, Punchh delivers performance that scales with your brand’s current and future needs.

Available whenever you need it

Delivered through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Punchh ensures maximum availability in multiple regions. With full SaaS infrastructure redundancy and 24x7 system monitoring, Punchh is designed for maximum fault tolerance and resiliency.

World-class, multi-layer security

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority. On top of AWS’s built-in security, we also incorporate proven industry best practices, test all code for security vulnerabilities before each release, scan network and systems regularly for vulnerability, and perform third party security audits.