CS News: The Must-Dos for a Successful C-store Mobile Strategy

People include things like mobile payment, the ability to order ahead, curbside delivery, the ability to use the mobile phone to pay at the pump or at the car wash. To me, this is just table stakes. What drives the next level of differentiation is how the brand voice translates to the personalization that consumers experience through the data you collect once you create a basic infrastructure.

Shyam Rao, Co-Founder and CEO at Punchh

Featured in CS News, our co-founder and CEO, Shyam Rao, and VP of Digital Experiences at Casey’s, Art Sebastian, share the value of a Punchh powered loyalty program and the must-dos for a successful and effective C-Store mobile strategy. At Punchh, we go beyond points and discounts and instead focus on customer lifecycle loyalty — converting anonymous guests into super fans.