Jack’s Family Restaurants – a fast-growing Southern QSR brand with more than 240 locations in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi lives and breathes by the slogan “All About the South”. For the past 60+ years, Jack’s has been delighting guests with a taste of Southern hospitality and Southern-style cuisine.

Jack’s decision to implement PAR Punchh Loyalty in 2020 stemmed from their need to create a rewarding digital experience for their guests, as well as drive brand awareness, customer affinity, and sales. Additionally, Jack’s wanted to provide their 350,000 e-club members with a more robust loyalty offering that would increase engagement with their brand. According to Loren Kunze, Jack’s Digital Marketing Specialist, “The biggest challenge for us prior to Punchh was not having any loyalty metrics or data to understand how our offers were doing in driving those crucial KPIs we now watch so closely. We simply had no real-time data to tell us anything about ‘loyal’ customer behavior and no way to track the success of the email campaign offers we were running at the time.”

Uncovering and Leveraging Data to Personalize Experiences

The Punchh platform now helps Jack’s engage with guests at every touchpoint and unifies their data through deep integrations with SICOM POS and Onosys Online Ordering, giving them comprehensive, real-time insights about their customers’ behaviors and preferences. With enhanced customer data now at their fingertips in the Punchh platform, Jack’s can easily segment and personalize offers based on guest preferences and behavior. “Punchh is helping us elevate the guest experience because it enables us to deliver customized rewards for our customers,” said Veronica De Campos, Jack’s Director of Marketing. “Using the receipt tagging capability, we can gift a free milkshake to a customer who loves milkshakes. We can give a free biscuit to someone who loves breakfast. We can really personalize the experience for everyone.”

Automated Segmentation and Messaging Encourages New Guest Behaviors and Frequency

Not only is Punchh helping Jack’s elevate the customer journey through personalized experiences, but it is also helping the brand increase guest frequency, while encouraging new guest behavior. Through customer-segmented daypart campaigns with bounce-back offers the brand has incrementally driven new daypart visits. Offering this form of loyalty to segmented members encourages them to come dine in at Jack’s during times when they would not normally come in. “Breakfast is our most popular time of the day, so we try to drive guests to dinner. But why stop there? People then come for dinner, so let’s bring guests back in for breakfast,” De Campos further explained. Providing a segment of guests with bounce-back offers has been a game-changer for Jack’s, enabling the brand to bolster loyalty redemption rates and encourage guests to try new dining experiences.

Utilizing Punchh Loyalty Experts to Drive Marketing ROI

Moreover, Jack’s partners closely with their Punchh Customer Success Manager, who acts as their loyalty expert and works as an extension of the brand’s team. Jack’s trusts their Punchh CSM to continually fine-tune their program and ensure their loyalty strategy is aligned to help them meet KPIs and business goals. “We move into everything very confidently because of the guidance we receive from our CSM along the way,” said De Campos.

Jack’s continuously monitors the success of their loyalty program through daily reporting and metrics from Punchh’s intuitive dashboard. The brand can dive deep into performance check-ins with industry benchmarks, regular reviews, and recommendations / future improvements each quarter with their CSM to set them up for success. Based on recommendations from the loyalty experts at Punchh, Jack’s is refreshing their in-store point-of-purchase signage and employee training to continue to grow the loyalty program and ensure the in-store experience is consistent with the ever-evolving digital experience.

Jack’s Family Restaurants appreciates how the Punchh Loyalty Platform helps them modernize and continually enhance digital guest experiences. “Punchh’s innovative tools and features help us stay competitive within the loyalty space. It allows us to focus on more important factors like our integrated marketing strategy,” said De Campos. “If it wasn’t for Punchh, we’d be far behind and limited with what we can do.”