Punchh is Redefining Loyalty from the Inside Out

Loyalty can mean many different things, depending on who you ask. In general, the term “loyalty” refers to faithfulness or allegiance to something–whether it is a nation, a person, an organization, or something else that inspires a sense of commitment. 

When we refer to loyalty in a business context, we are generally referring to client retention and satisfaction. It’s critically important for companies to make sure their customers receive the full value of their investment, so they never need to look elsewhere for a better experience. 

Author and screenwriter Mario Puzo once said, “Loyalty is the strongest glue which makes a relationship last for a lifetime.” We may not be talking about the kind of loyalty Puzo wrote about in his famed “Godfather” series, but the sentiment holds true in business.

In days gone by, when kings and czars demanded allegiance from their knights and armies, unfaltering loyalty was often rewarded by wealth and status. Today, loyalty is still rewarded–the currency has just changed a bit. It is estimated that 80% of revenue or more comes from regular (or loyal) customers. Clearly, brands need to retain and delight their guests. 

But how? If you think about it, we are all consumers. We all want basic things from the brands we choose to give our time and money to.

  • We want the brand to earn our business.
  • We want our feedback to be heard when we offer it.
  • When we are unhappy with an experience, we expect the brand to respond.
  • We want personalized gifts, offers, and surprises that keep us engaged with the brand and coming back for years to come.

We are living in a digital era. Long gone are the days when manual programs like paper punch cards and flyers were enough to attract new customers. Today, brands need modern solutions to serve modern consumers. The Punchh loyalty offers, and engagement platform offers restaurants, c-stores, grocers, and other retailers the ability to launch dynamic campaigns and personalized offers through in-app, email, and SMS notifications–online, at a fuel pump, and in-store. 

Punchh puts loyalty into practice

As part of the Punchh Guest Services Team, I have the opportunity to attend to our customers’ business needs each day so that they can focus on their key business objectives. 

The Guest Services team is dedicated to solving issues for our clients’ end-users. We assist with emails, route feedback through the appropriate channels, and help them navigate the mobile app so that they have the best experience possible. 

Because Punchh invests in a dedicated Guest Services team, end-users are never left unsupported or wondering where to go for help. We make it our priority to think a step ahead and anticipate what guests need to strengthen the bond between the user and the business. 

When a brand chooses Punchh, they get the immediate benefit of our team of expert sales engineers, who demonstrate the “art of the possible” of our suite of solutions. It’s the first step in helping our customers understand what a modern loyalty solution can truly do for their brand.

Secondly, our customers meet our world-class Implementation and Customer Success teams, who guide them through the entire launch process and beyond. Dedicated CSMs guide brands through everything from campaign creation to loyalty best practices, acting as a trusted advisor at every step. And for quick questions, our knowledge base is always available for our clients to quickly reference so they can get on with their day with the information they need.  

From our in-house mobile app development expertise to our dedicated Support and Guest Services teams, Punchh strives to earn the same loyalty from our clients as they do from theirs.

Learn more about how Punchh helps over 200 of the world’s favorite brands grow revenue and customer lifetime value and why it’s quickly becoming a Destination Place to Work for me and nearly 300 other professionals.

Dheeraj Panwar is an Application Analyst on the Punchh Guest Services Team. He assists clients with campaigns created from the Punchh Platform. He also addresses the needs of our clients’ customers who may have mobile app program questions.