Punchh Best Practices:
4 Mobile Marketing Tips to Drive Sales

Brands continue to open their restaurants at their own pace. However, many recent reopenings have been cut short, creating uncertainty about a clear path forward for dine-in service. Customers remain reliant on their mobile devices, as they look to order online for pickup and delivery of their favorite foods. Here are 4 Mobile Marketing Tips to Drive Sales:

1. Create & Promote A “Text-to-Join” Campaign

Enable guests to join your loyalty program simply by sending a text message with a keyword to a unique, specific short code. Just choose a keyword and promote it at your place of business. By eliminating the initial guest hurdle to join your program (either going to your website or downloading your app), Text-To-Join represents a fast, easy way for brands to acquire new guests. Benefits to brands include:

  • Alternate channel for business to acquire guests into loyalty program
  • SMS based marketing has shown better click rates and higher ROI
  • Can include an offer when a guest texts the keyword to your short code
  • Increase in guest inclination to interact with your business through SMS

2. Support Your Loyalty Program

Foster greater loyalty with a user-friendly mobile app that customers can use as a hub for all program engagement, including participation in:

  • Customized offers
  • Digital gift cards
  • Online ordering
  • Referrals
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Gamification

3. Send Real-time Offers

Deliver personalized campaigns to incentivize customers when they enter or are near a store using location data. Track the offer and the guest’s subsequent offer redemption to enable your brand to develop an ongoing relationship that increases customer lifetime value.

4. Mobile Payments

In this current environment, the demand for brands to accept mobile payments is increasing as guests look for safe and convenient ways to interact with their favorite businesses. Mobile payment allows customers to quickly and easily pay how they prefer. And for restaurants it provides additional security benefits, a faster transaction process than other traditional payment methods, loyalty incentives by driving guest satisfaction and integration directly into your customer loyalty program.

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