Reveal the Anonymous: Identify your Target Customers

Get to really know your customers, generating insights from every channel, in-store or online

Punchh Acquire

Supercharge your customer acquisition by optimizing omnichannel marketing and analytics. Easily and cost-effectively turn anonymous consumers into customers – and customers into brand loyalists.

Acquire New Customers - Fast

A complete set of in-store and online channels capture your customer’s digital identity, creating a dynamic real-time profile.


Turn Consumers Into Customers

Quickly convert anonymous consumers into valued customers by delivering targeted, AI-driven offers that increase customer lifetime value.


Nurture Customers into Loyalists

Turn your valued customers into brand loyalists, with consistent, personalized experiences, delivered in real-time, in-store and online.


Key Features

Customer Acquisition Channels

Maximize your customer acquisition funnel using a diverse set of in-store and online engagement channels

  • List Imports

    Easily import contacts via CSV file uploads or integrations with third party tools

  • Online Forms

    Capture key consumer information using customizable website forms

  • WiFi Marketing

    Capitalize on free in-store WiFi to capture consumers and deliver targeted offers

  • Apple Pay

    Prompt consumers automatically if they want to join your marketing database when they purchase via Apple Pay

  • Bounceback Offers

    Deliver offers printed on a customer’s receipt at the POS to acquire email address or cell phone number upon redemption

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List Management

Easily manage and maintain marketing lists to ensure the integrity of your contacts and the success of your campaigns

  • eClub

    Use a single repository to capture, store, and manage all your consumers’ contact information

  • Message Throttling

    Set the number and frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) of messages that are sent to consumers

  • Opt-in/Opt-out

    Enable consumers to opt-in or out from receiving communications

  • Banned and Deactivated Users

    Identify and remove suspicious or fraudulent users

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Personalized Communications & Offers

Drive customers’ first purchases and incremental revenue by creating, delivering, and measuring the effectiveness of messages and offers

  • Create Promotions & Coupons

    Create and deliver generic promotion codes or unique coupon codes without having to rely on IT

  • Deliver Across Any Channel

    Target customers real-time with tailored messages and offers via email, SMS, or printed receipts at the POS

  • Monitor Campaigns

    Manage campaign performance on a single dashboard and modify on-the-fly to drive results

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Punchh Acquire is powered by the Punchh PLATFORM

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