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We created this resource center to share information and best practices that our industry can collectively leverage to manage through disruption, and prepare for the future. Stay current with Punchh’s COVID-19 Insights and Resources:


Punchh Insights & Best Practices

Building trust and loyalty with your customers has never been more important. View strategies and tips to help you manage engagement.

  • Punchh Best Practices: Top 5 Proven Food Service Tactics During COVID-19 (Download)
  • Punchh Best Practices: Top 5 COVID-19 Communications (Download)
  • Weekly Pulse Trend Report (3/21) (Download)
Stimulus Updates & Resources

Stay on top of local, state and federal government emergency fiscal stimulus packages and assistance.

Restaurant & C-Store Actions

See how restaurants and c-stores are addressing COVID-19 in public forums.

  • Panera has implemented emergency sick pay for employees and a contactless delivery strategy.
  • Wendy’s has withdrawn its 2020 outlook and long-term forecast as same-store sales plunge 20%.
  • GrubHub has announced it is deferring $100 million worth of commissions during the coronavirus crisis to help support independent restaurants.
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill has implemented a 10% pay increase to hourly workers.
  • Nékter Juice Bar has introduced ‘Take It and Make It,’ made-to-order, pre-portioned frozen versions of their popular smoothies to take and make at home.
  • RaceTrac has announced that it will equip locations with a “Night Pay Box” pass-through window, allowing customers to purchase in-store items without entering the convenience store.
  • 7-Eleven has announced that it will waive delivery fees through April 30.
  • Thorntons has implemented a limited-time fuel discount.


Industry News

Read daily coverage on the impact COVID-19 is having on restaurants and c-stores.

SUMMARY: The coronavirus continues to heavily impact the restaurant industry. Third-party marketplaces like Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats have shown slower sales as consumer spending trends change. Wendy’s has had to withdraw its 2020 outlook and long-term forecast for 2021-2024 as same-store sales have plunged 20% in the week ended March 22.

Given the current state of the industry, restaurant and third-party companies alike are adjusting their business models to adapt to their environment and support their employees. Companies like Panera have implemented emergency sick pay for their workers while Chipotle has applied a 10% pay increase to hourly team members. GrubHub has announced that it is deferring $100 million worth of commissions to help support independent restaurants during this period of uncertainty.

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