Create a differentiated consumer experience

Your customers expect a consistent experience everywhere they interact with your brand. Integrate your loyalty data with modern tools to design a data-driven, personalized experience for your customers.

Use integrated, location-specific feedback to gain a complete picture of transaction and behavioral patterns, allowing your marketing and operations teams to analyze and elevate feedback from customers at each of your physical locations. Combine your guest directory and seating app with Punchh loyalty to create more personalized promotions and keep loyal customers coming back.

No matter where your guests engage with you, every interaction is an opportunity to drive brand loyalty.

Why integrate Punchh with digital consumer experience solutions?

  • Uncover guest experience insights to make faster, feedback-driven decisions
  • Extend hospitality beyond physical stores to engage and retain customers
  • Eliminate siloed feedback for a 360-view of the customer experience
  • Identify critical details like wait time, guest name and visit frequency to engage & reward loyalists
  • Extract unique insights from the on-site dining experience and deliver real-time interactions
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