Serving up customized experiences

Teriyaki Madness is a fresh Asian fast casual franchise that originated in Las Vegas, NV and has expanded into 26 states as well as Mexico and Canada with future plans for nearly 150 locations by the end of 2020. Teriyaki Madness is known for its Seattle-style teriyaki that gives consumers the new flavors they’re looking for. They serve huge bowls of bold delicious flavors customized by their customers with a variety of fresh ingredients.

Punchh’s platform gives us the technology to support more customer informed decisions that will continue to yield profitable growth for our company in the years ahead.

Teriyaki Madness’ fun and quirky branding efforts extend to their customers too. However, with no true loyalty program in place, Boyce recognized that a new solution was needed to help drive more customers to experience their uniqueness by engaging them through the type of mobile convenience they were looking for from their restaurant brand of choice.

Additionally, in 2018, Teriyaki Madness found themselves in the challenging position of experiencing rapid growth, adding 40 new locations, while in many respects still functioning as an emerging brand with a limited budget. While understanding that tried and true marketing rule of thumb that it’s less expensive to get a current customer to come back than get a brand new customer in the door, now they needed a platform that could do both. They needed to acquire new clients to support growth among their expanding locations and convert existing customers into digitally engaged guests to increase frequency for their established restaurants as well.

After a comprehensive RFP process that included Paytronix and LevelUp among others, “We appreciated that Punchh’s core competency is loyalty and that they were created as a loyalty company,” Boyce explains. “Punchh has a stellar reputation and the type of partner integration we needed, whereas LevelUp lacked key integrations that we required to get the program up and running quickly and efficiently.”

Delivering convenience to support growth

Teriyaki Madness immediately recognized the value of Punchh’s tight integration with Olo and extensive experience with multiple restaurant customers. “We needed online ordering, but also wanted to enable guests to use gift cards, while earning and redeeming loyalty rewards. We went with Valuetec, which also tied into Punchh’s platform, making it easy to get up and running quickly with this marketing tool.”

Boyce’s first order of business was to put Punchh’s development team to work on a customized mobile app to allow guests to order ahead with their mobile devices for in-store pickup, store delivery or third-party delivery. The Punchh Marketing Platform saves users’ favorite orders and credit card information to make reordering as easy as one or two clicks.

Teriyaki Madness appreciated that the solution provides comprehensive development and ongoing maintenance. Boyce believes Punchh offered Teriyaki Madness the ability to scale, getting them in the game initially with a mobile app and email marketing, with future plans to launch a loyalty program to deliver personalized customer offers and incentives beginning in the summer of 2019.

“We want Teriyaki Madness to be a staple in every major city in America and the go-to restaurant in the Asian fast casual food segment,” Boyce says. “Punchh’s platform gives us the technology to get customers their favorite TMAD bowls faster, easier and with the convenience they demand today.”

Teriyaki Madness took on the challenge of implementing Punchh’s mobile app concurrently with Olo’s online ordering platform to produce a consistent, easy and streamlined experience for their customers. Boyce attributes the successful rollout to Punchh’s commitment and high degree of expertise. “They deserve tons of kudos. We do not have an IT department, however, Punchh’s platform is designed to connect to any system and it made for an easy implementation. Plus, Punchh provided us with tremendous support and worked as part of our team to get things done.”

Driving immediate results

A convenient administrative dashboard provides real-time data and key performance metrics in easy-to-understand charts and graphs that lets Boyce see the positive results she’s looking for every day. “With Punchh, we were able to launch Club Mad, an email-based program and see immediate results. Our initial goal was to get 20,000 signups in the first six months, and with Punchh we got 22,000,” explains Boyce. “We kept on-pace and got over 40,000 signups in less than a year.”

Punchh’s platform is designed to connect to any system and it made for an easy implementation. Plus Punchh provided us with tremendous support…

Punchh’s customized mobile app helped deliver many of those 40,000 Club Mad signups as Teriyaki Madness had over 30,000 customers download the app in 11 months. “With our app we are seeing positive Club Mad results and also seeing profitable growth with online ordering and third-party delivery,” Boyce says. “Punchh’s platform is really helping us grow our customer base and accelerate our brand’s performance.”