Struggling with Customer Participation and Satisfaction

B.GOOD, which began in 2003, currently has 77 locations across North America and Europe. They specialize in good vibes and good food that is homemade, fresh, natural and without the use of artificial preservatives, antibiotics or growth hormones. B.GOOD’s mission is simple, it’s all about making people feel good.

They believe this begins with the responsible sourcing of clean ingredients, building a culture where everyone is accepted and providing the tools and resources for their restaurants to be successful, so that they can deliver the best possible guest experience every day.

To achieve these goals, B.GOOD took a long, hard look at their current restaurant customer loyalty program and found it lacking in certain aspects. Their surprise and delight program structure left customers confused about the benefit to registering and how and when they would earn rewards, according to Conor Burke, B.GOOD’s Director of Marketing Analytics.

Additionally, Burke notes that support was not provided to address technical issues when they arose or to handle campaign management challenges their marketing team encountered. “We also lacked important metrics from campaigns so we were struggling to understand our guests’ behaviors and motivations,” said Burke.

Committed to Providing a Great Guest Experience Through a Customer Loyalty Platform

Choosing Punchh after a thorough RFP process has helped B.GOOD turn things around. They’re getting to know and reward their customers through the implementation of a straightforward points based program that gives one point for every dollar customers spend.

With flexible redemption tiers, guests can cash in at their own pace in increments of 50, 75 and 100 points. Through the Punchh Platform, B.GOOD supports their customer loyalty program by running recall compression campaigns to notify members of how close they are too attaining their next reward, which in turn increases guest frequency, without using discounts.

Punchh Restaurant Loyalty Platform Delivers Flexibility and Ease

Consistent messaging through their customized app, online ordering, and email has helped B.GOOD clearly articulate the value of their restaurant loyalty program and inspire members to participate at their own rate and experience valuable benefits along their reward journey. B.GOOD’s focus on digital channels has expanded member access and driven growth in other areas of the company too, such as online ordering.

The Punchh dashboard provides meaningful metrics that give B.GOOD insights into customers’ behaviors and how customers are gaining value from different interactions and touchpoints. The data helps them with segmentation and offer creation to drive different or better purchasing behavior that increases frequency, recency and spend.

Having the ability to look at daily metrics from their Punchh dashboard also allows B.GOOD to track guest behaviors and meet their marketing goals through more effective and efficient messaging and campaigns. They have seen continued growth with high 20%-30% spend lift and consistent 18% or higher participation rate QoQ from their loyalty members, helping the company continue their expansion efforts into new states.

“Punchh has clearly helped us grow our restaurant loyalty program, which is helping us grow our unit count. They provide us with the thought leadership and motivation to be better and smarter with our loyalty offers and campaigns by sharing industry trends and insights that are helping us achieve our goals. It’s a true strategic partnership.” – Conor Burke, Director of Marketing Analytics