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5 Reasons For Your Ordering To Go Mobile

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Punchh Inc

Traditional Ordering: An Archaic Process

In a digital era that increasingly economizes time and convenience, traditional phone-to-waiter ordering is a remnant of a bygone era. More than just saving the agony of cheesy music and tedious communication, you as a restaurateur want to make your customers feel valued. Moving your restaurant’s ordering system to a mobile-based app sends two signals to the customer: that you respect and value their time and that your brand is keeping up with the digital era. Curating a well-groomed digital ordering strategy is thus vitally important to maximize use of the following benefits of an app-based platform:

  1. Increased Sales with En-Masse Ordering

In contrast to a telecommunication line, which can only hold one interaction at a time, an online interface can instantaneously place mass transactions with stupendous ease. Moreover, you can now let the UI handle all customer interactions, as opposed to the sunk cost of hiring human labor for the sole purpose of receiving orders. Not to mention, with minimal app installation and setup fees plus the reduction of hiring and in-store service costs, a larger proportion of these revenues can be converted to profits.

  1. Bolsters Brand Image

Silly as it may sound, we’re moving into a restaurant age in which the social aesthetic and visual appeal of our food is starting to take precedence over the actual taste. If you’re a millennial, you’re probably already aware of this phenomenon (#PhoneEatsFirst). If you’re not, all you have to do is observe teenagers at a restaurant as they eagerly receive their food: the first reaction is to pull out their smartphones and upload photos to Snapchat and Instagram. Be among the first to capitalize on this fad.

  1. Eliminates time-consuming phone conversations

Time is money. The inconvenience cost of time on the customer’s end and the opportunity cost of time for the restaurant’s staff eventually add up to significant efficiency losses. Placing an order through a mobile app is simply more convenient for both guests and restaurants. Guests should be able to browse, customize their orders, book a table, and enter their payment option correctly so the restaurant can eliminate errors associated with verbal ordering and focus more of its resources in amplifying customer experience.

  1. Provides Redeemables and Coupons at the Customer’s Fingertips

Progressive restaurant apps, like those developed by Punchh, not only feature online ordering, but loyalty programs as well, including: points-based, unlockable coupons; alert notifications and mobile games that yield in-store rewards. More than just convenience, people value feeling valued and loyalty programs give guests a stronger incentive to use their apps. Research shows that 52% of Millennials want to use their mobile devices to take advantage of app-based loyalty rewards and coupons.

Loyalty is Punchh’s driving principle: our clients enjoy a 20% increase in average spend, 50% increase in customer visit frequency, and 65% offer redemption rate as a result of our premiere loyalty product. In this way, your Punchh app works through an omni-channel CRM to acquire new customers as well as retain them as dedicated brand loyalists.

  1. Pools Richer Marketing Data and Generates Segment-Targeted Campaigns

By allowing for data collection channels in the app itself through loyalty programs, apps allow for your company to amass richer pools of data on each customer. With a sign-up offer, the app prompts the user to provide basic information, such as e-mail, phone number and referrals. Data collected on demographics, order history, and preferences can help the restaurant create personalized dining experience for the guests. With this information, cloud marketing systems and CRMs like the Punchh Dashboard are able to segment customers for targeted marketing campaigns.

Happy Customer, Happy Life

Happy, engaged guests will keep coming back for more. One of the best ways to improve guest engagement is through a mobile app that creates the restaurant’s virtual presence anywhere, anytime for the guests. It also increases the scope for the restaurant to improve and offer new services thus getting more valuable to the guests. To learn how you can improve guest engagement with Punchh’s trusted by more than 115 restaurant chains across the globe, check out our website at punchh.com.

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