Actionable Insights: Quarterly Business Review Reports

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A cornerstone of the Actionable Insights Punchh provides to its clients lies in our Quarterly Business Review (QBR) reports, and have become a crucial exercise for the continued enhancement of customer engagement strategies.

Program Review helps businesses realize the potential of data they are generating. Punchh manages its customers’ data, performs program review and prepares a comprehensive report for all its individual customers to give a complete picture of the program performance. This analysis is performed at the end of each quarter, and the reports are shared with respective customers. These reports are holistic, relevant and actionable for the management to understand and take necessary steps to increase guest loyalty.

Punchh’s Quarterly Business Program Review includes:

Key Statistics

  • Overview of Business Performance over defined period

Guest Profile

  • Demographics of Signed up guests – Analyzing sub-divisions of signed up guests by age group and gender.
  • Spend by Age – Average Visits and Average Spend of unique guests by age group.

Program Performance

  • Sign-Ups – Bifurcation of signups by Facebook and Email.
  • Check-ins and Visits by Day of Week – Represents which Day of Week is most popular and when maximum guests visit the store.
  • Punchh Cohort – Represents the impact of loyalty on decrease in number of days of guest visits
  • Referrals – Represents total number of referrals, additional check-ins, and revenue generated by referrals.
  • Redemptions – Represents Redemption Rate of different items rewarded as part of various campaigns
  • Reviews – Feedback analysis by categorizing them into positive or negative and unique guests giving feedback. Guests can also provide ratings which can be categorized.
  • Weekly/Monthly Analysis – Signups, Loyalty Checking, Unique Visitors and Spend by week or month

Top Trends

  • Guests – Top Guests by Loyalty Checkins
  • Stores – Top Stores by Loyalty Visits
  • Menu Items – Top selling menu items by quantity

Android vs. iOS

  • App Downloads ( Android/iOS) and Google Analytics data for screen views and new vs. returning guests.

With the help of data analyzed above, precise targeting can be done to generate greater ROI and make other strategic decisions of the business.


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