Harness the Power of Segmentation on Punchh Platform – II

Sunday, July 10, 2016

In continuation with the article ‘Harness the Power of Segmentation on Punchh Platform‘ covered in May Newsletter, this writeup explains how to design & run campaigns for target segments on the Punchh Dashboard.

Punchh dashboard is built to target guests based on their behavior and profile using the power of Segmentation. Dashboard users can run customized campaigns for desired user segment and monitor the results. This is possible as the dashboard contains and processes massive volumes of data easily. Segmentation of data is done based on different attributes. Attributes can be (but are not limited to):


  • Total Spend
  • Top N Spenders
  • Receipt Amount
  • Total Catering Spend


  • Total Redeemable Cards
  • Total Redemptions


  • Total Referrals
  • Referred Guests


  • Total Loyalty Visits
  • Top N Loyalty Visitors at each Location
  • First N Loyalty Visitors at each Location
  • Total Check-ins
  • Haven’t Visited
  • Only Visited with Discount
  • Visited on Anniversary Day
  • Visited each day of the week
  • Visited each location
  • Average X Visits (in a certain time range)

Guest Profile Attributes

  • Married Folk
  • Guests with Incomplete Profile
  • Guests with favorite location
  • Anniversary
  • Gender
  • User Agent
  • Guests in a Zip Code
  • Guest Age Groups
  • Guests who participated in a campaign
  • Guests’ email domain

Current Program Status

  • Total Check-ins on Current Card
  • Total Points on Current Card
  • Total Visits Remaining to Complete Card

Signed Up

  • All Signed Up
  • All Facebook Users


  • Total Feedback

Order Details

  • Bought Menu Items
  • Same Menu Item purchased N times
  • Total Catering Orders


  • Custom List
  • Complex Segments (2+ segments joined)

This guest segmentation is extremely insightful and helps business drive a great deal of traffic. All of this is done in real time with little/no effort from the business.

Easy-to-use self-service segmentation

ease of use

Complex segments to get the exact segment you need

complex segments


Targeted Campaigns
Punchh’s campaign engine enables brands to customize and automate targeted campaigns deployed through Push, E-mail, & Social. Campaigns are unlimited, and can be managed by Punchh’s Customer Success team, or self-service with Punchh’s guidance to automate/pre-package various segments & reports.

Punchh platform adds the power of segmentation to campaigns & offers. Dashboard users can run personalized campaigns for guests by selecting the desired segment from the drop down list on the campaign creation page itself. This simplifies the complete process of designing & running targeted campaigns and experience high redemption rates.

create campaign


For more information, please visit https://punchh.com. Schedule a demo with us at https://punchh.com/contact-us.

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