Punchh Reviews: Listen to your guests using real time feedback & automated guest recovery

Thursday, June 9, 2016
Nimish Gupta

In-app, social-media-integrated reviews give brand loyalists a megaphone to drive word of mouth.

Punchh’s platform not only provides operators real time insight into customer feedback at the store-level, but an automated sentiment analysis software to detect, escalate, and respond potentially negative reviews as they occur.

Punchh Platform enables guests to provide quick feedback and share photos/videos of their dining experience with friends, right from the app.

Guests can select emoticons or give feedbacks in terms of star ratings on a scale which makes the user interface visually attractive and easy to use thereby making the review/feedback process a breeze.

These high value features help boost real time accurate feedbacks


  • Guests share text, images, and videos
  • Emoticons based ratings & reviews for a better user interface
  • Business responds to negative reviews identified via sentiment analysis
  • Business shares reviews via social media to drive positive word of mouth

The feedback engine also has built in automated sentiment analysis software to classify the feedbacks and help the business to address guests’ concerns as quickly as possible. Through sentiment analysis, Punchh can identify negative comments that include profanity or words that signify the guest did not have a great experience.

  • Business has the ability to reply directly to guests (email and phone notification) who commented negatively and even gift them punches/points. Business can contact cs@punchh.com to add negative words that are unique to your business or region and they will be identified.
  • Business has the ability to communicate, internally, in real-time throughout a pre-determined hierarchy (e.g. Area, GM, Store MGR) for complaint alerts and timely resolution/communication to guests (on or off-premise).

All feedbacks received from the guests can be divided as following:

  • Public: Any comment that has been authorized to be made public can be published on the business’ or location’s social media pages.
  • Private: When a customer chooses not to make a comment public, business cannot publish it on its page.

All the feedbacks received by a business can be viewed comprehensively and managed through Punchh Dashboard. Punchh Dashboard also empowers users with Filters such as Dates, Locations, type of feedback, etc. for improved analysis of feedbacks. Also, the Dashboard admins can Export Feedbacks summary.

For more information, please visit https://punchh.com. Schedule a demo with us at https://punchh.com/contact-us.

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