Punchh Dashboard: Enriched Guest Profile Insights

Thursday, June 9, 2016

At Punchh, we are committed to developing our product and helping businesses with actionable 360° insights into their guests behavior.

Punchh has recently extended its guests section on Punchh dashboard with enriched data, to help restaurants understand and reward their guests in an effective way.

With this new feature of ‘Enriched User Profile Insights’, Businesses can gather the following insights from the Guests section:

  • How long has the guest been a member of the loyalty program?
  • What is the guest’s demographic information like age, birthday etc.?
  • How many total visits has the guest made? What is their lifetime spend? What is their average spend?
  • How often does the guest visit? When was their last visit? What is their avg. visits per week & avg. time gap between visits?
  • What is their most visited store?
  • What is their favorite menu item?
  • Which day and time of the day does the guest visit most?
  • How many redemptions has the guest made till date? When was their last redemption? What is the average time gap between their redemptions?
  • What devices does the guest use?


guest profile

Punchh has collected these questions based on internal research, with a view to developing a key metrics that would help restaurants better understand their guests.

Further, Punchh will extend these guest parameters to provide better segmentation to the businesses, which will help them target the right guests.

For more information, please visit https://punchh.com. Schedule a demo with us at https://punchh.com/contact-us.

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