Track app events using third party analytics

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Integrating third party analytics in apps is useful in understanding the user acquisition, engagement and Lifetime value (LTV). The third party Analytics platforms like Millenial Media, RadiumOne, Kochava, etc helps clients with real-time visualization from initial launch to comprehensive post-install events tracking. With the feature of tracking different events such as app launch, click counts on various sections of an app, count of users who played a game in an app, etc. on a sub-hourly basis in an app, it turns to be highly informative for clients to create their actionable items around it.

Punchh has also taken a step in this direction to provide more leverage to their clients by integrating third party analytics SDK (Software Development Kit) in its apps. In terms of analytics, the data can be exported and used effectively in cohorts of users. Business Campaigns can be configured more precisely by analyzing the data around tracking of different events. This ultimately increases the chance for brands to reach out to their customers more frequently.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.42.34 PM

Third party SDK integration into Punchh apps has made their clients’ data more insightful and impactful by knowing the user behavior in terms of purchases, events (also games) or simply time spent in the app.

Analytics through third party integration in Punchh apps has definitely come up as one of the best ways that result in an impressive increase in clients’ store traffic and loyalty engagement of users.


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