Measure guest engagement using Point-of-Sale Coupon campaigns

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Punchh is excited to introduce the ability to process Coupons at a restaurant’s Point-of-Sale, for both loyalty and non-loyalty guests at the location’s POS.

Punchh has extended its current capabilities to process coupon codes and promo codes in mobile apps to POS. Leveraging its tight integration with POS system, Punchh has extended its ability to target and measure performance of both loyal and non-loyal guests using coupon/promo codes, across multiple channels (both online or offline).

Punchh’s extended capabilities will serve the following use-cases:

  1. Target users who are part of a baseball game with promo codes like ‘MLB2016’.
  2. Franchisees could print out the coupon code and distribute manually in the store.
  3. Send out email campaign to a large set of guests who can redeem the coupon at a restaurant’s location.

With this feature, Punchh will help restaurants to measure non-loyal guests’ engagement at the point-of-sale and to save the cost & time associated with running traditional promotional campaigns for them.

Moreover, Punchh enables restaurants to run promotional coupon campaigns targeting their loyal & non-loyal guests using third-party email providers, who can send dynamically generated coupons using email.


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