Harness the Power of Segmentation on Punchh Platform

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Nimish Gupta

Segmentation is the practice of dividing a guest base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests and spending habits.

Restaurants can not only get a deep understanding of their guests through demographics, frequency, spend, orders, social media reviews, and referrals but can also create and target micro-segments, based on ordered items’ SKU/PLU, spend, and other demographic and behavioral characteristics.

Punchh dashboard is built to enable restaurants to target guests based on their behavior and profile. Dashboard users can run customized campaigns for desired guest segment and monitor the results.

This is possible as the Punchh platform is powerful enough to process massive volumes of data easily. Segmentation of data is done based on different attributes. Attributes can be (but are not limited to):

  • Locations
  • Receipt amount
  • Bought a particular item
  • Total visits
  • Total redemptions
  • Haven’t visited
  • Belong to a certain group
  • Custom lists are easily created

Guest segmentation is extremely insightful and helps businesses drive a great deal of traffic. All of this is done in real time with little/no effort from the business.

Punchh Dashboard users can create a new segment in seconds based on SKU, Day Parts, Frequency, Spend and more…

segmentation 1

A dashboard user can check and manage individual guests present in any particular segment.

segmentation 2


Segment associations with campaigns

Dashboard users can map individual segment’s associations with multiple campaigns using it. This is a powerful tool to monitor and keep track of the campaigns run for any particular segment.

segmentation 3

To understand how to design & run campaigns for selected segments, stay tuned for an article in Punchh Newsletter – June Edition.


For more information, please visit https://punchh.com. Schedule a demo with us at https://punchh.com/contact-us.

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