Improved Guest Subscription Management

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Guest Subscription Management has been revamped.

Now, Punchh Dashboard will maintain 3 states for a Guest. These 3 states have been added to the Data Dump under Guest Data (field: Guest status) for the Business(s) to analyze their data.

  1. Active

All the active guests of the business are enlisted here.

2. Deactivated

A “Deactivated” Guests’ List has been added to the dashboard, which contains list of all the Deactivated Guests. To reactivate a previously deactivated guest, “Reactivate” button has also been added.

Dashboard guests can access it by going to Dashboard>Guests>Deactivated.


3. Banned

The Banned Guests’ List has also been updated. The Reactivate button has been changed to “Unban”


Also, subscription for Emails and the Push Notifications has been revised. We have exposed 2 new attributes to the mobile client

  • Marketing Email Subscription
  • Marketing Push Notification Subscription

To ensure backward compatibility with the existing apps we will be routing the values from the mobile clients to these fields. Eventually, when the mobile apps get updated they will be sending the values through these 2 attributes. These 2 fields have been added to the Data Dump under Guest Data.

Earlier any changes to these two fields did not reflect in the Dashboard, but with the mobile app update this problem will be solved.

Dashboard guests can change the settings for a Guest by going to Guests>Edit Profile and selecting/deselecting the Checkboxes.


The Unsubscribed Guests’ List has been updated to display the subscription status based on these 2 attributes. A guest will be enlisted in the Unsubscribed List if he/she has at least one of the two subscriptions unchecked.

Dashboard guests can access the Unsubscribed List by going to Guests>Unsubscribed


Also, “Push Notification Ability” field under Guest Data in Data Dump has been renamed to “Push Notification Token Available”. When a guest downloads and installs our app and accepts to receive notifications at the time of first launching the app, a token is generated which is used for sending them Push Notifications. If a guest chooses not to receive, a token is not generated.


We have added another very important feature.

Earlier, at the time of installing the app, if the guest disallowed the app to send notifications by using iOS/Android native settings, no offers could be sent to the guests. Their was no way left to communicate with the guest.

Now we have a solution to this. Guests will be able to see all notification messages in News & Offers section of the mobile app. This section will get automatically updated when the guest launches the app. Thereafter, guests can view and get informed on all the offers by viewing this section.

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