Punchh Launches Instant Survey Module

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Feedback is essential to improve any business, especially restaurants. It helps you reinforce what you’re doing well and helps you change what you’re doing not so well. Surveys help to capture user feedback in an effective way and help to reduce the gap between perception and reality.

Restaurants can now deploy Punchh Instant Surveys to gain real-time feedback from guests directly from their mobile applications.

With Punchh Instant Surveys, restaurants can now easily create surveys, track responses and gain business insights. By presenting easy to use surveys on a mobile app at the moment of purchase, response rates will go dramatically higher than traditional website based surveys.

Punchh has launched ‘Instant Surveys’ which would help to identify and improve key business metrics:
a. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
b. Performance measurement across various parameters – food quality, ambience, service etc.
c. Guest Satisfaction Level

Instant Survey

How ‘Instant Surveys’ help in driving business?
Restaurants can gain feedback from a specific guest segment, location or menu item to determine and improve guest satisfaction.
• Send Surveys to a specific guest segment (Example: Based on membership level, demographics, high valued guests etc.)
• Conduct surveys based on Menu Item (Example: Conduct surveys for a newly launched menu item)
• Conduct surveys based on location
• Conduct surveys to determine Net Promoter Score (NPS)

How ‘Instant Surveys’ will be presented to the guest using Punchh?
A. Survey can be triggered after check-in event synchronously
(Eg: Guest makes a checks-in and the survey is triggered instantly before ‘Rating & Review’ screen)

B. Survey can be triggered by sending a push notification to the guest
(Eg: when the guest interacts with the push notification by swiping it open directly or from ‘News & Offers’ page, a Survey will be presented to the guest)

C. Survey can be triggered via Beacon (Entry or Exit event)
(Eg: When the user enters/exits a beacon area, a survey will be presented to them via push notification)

D. There is a provision to attach surveys to all types of campaign using push notification (like Signup, Referrals etc.)

Mobile App Survey

‘Punchh Instant Surveys’ help businesses measure the right feedback metrics (such as NPS) in an effective way. All Survey campaigns can be managed and respective reports can be seen in Punchh Dashboard .

Survey report


For more information, please visit https://punchh.com. Schedule a demo with us at https://punchh.com/contact-us.

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