Online to Offline – the next frontier (pt. 2)

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Shyam Rao

II – Punchh: A new tool in a local marketers arsenal

One of the best ways to organically (and cost-effectively) grow a business is by relying on your existing customers to recommend your restaurant (or other business) to others. It goes without saying that the best way to grow a local service-oriented business is by focusing on quality and service. But assuming a good level of service/quality, the cheapest and easiest way to acquire customers is by relying on your existing happy customers to market the business for you. Schemes like loyalty cards seek to have customers return again and again by providing them with a real incentive (in terms of a discount or a free service). We at Punchh are interested in helping merchants unlock their customers potential to market their business for them by providing an easy and effective and easy way to track, maintain and reward customers.

Most local restaurants offer customers loyalty cards that promise a free entrée (or something similar) once they visit the restaurant a few times. Most of these cards are hand stamped and prone to fraud. Customers tend to lose the cards and/or accumulate multiple partially filled cards for the same restaurant – a pain to maintain. In addition, retailers have little real information about their customers other than the fact that someone returned to claim a free good.

Punchh seeks to eliminate both of these issues by providing an easy consumer friendly smart-phone (Iphone/Android etc) and web application that replicates the loyalty card. No longer will a customer have to worry about carrying a set of loyalty cards around. The process of collecting and redeeming a ‘Punchh card’ is simple and fast – yielding loyal customers that return. Customers can also accelerate their rate of accumulating free services if their friends use the same service – a targeted, efficient and effective way to market the local service through natural word-of-mouth personal recommendations – and a way for a business to tap into social networks. Businesses can rest easy by not having to maintain an expensive loyalty card program and not knowing whether their efforts are yielding any results – we will provide rich, usable analytics to track and analyze usage data for the restaurants.

The future is bright for the local retail space – retailers finally have access to the marketing services and technologies that have revolutionized other industries.


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