Campaign notifications are here

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A lot of you have been asking us for the capability to send campaign notifications to your customers. Well, the wait is over!!!

Following is how it works:

1. This is your old familiar campaign list. Create a new campaign here to get things going.punchh-campaigns-list

2. Enter the info about the campaign and click on the notifications controls option

3. You get a nice default message but you can modify the message to meet your need. The text in all caps “CAMPAIGN_NAME” or “FIRST_NAME” are called dynamic fields. They can be used to add personal information about the users like their name etc. – personal touch is always good.


4. Below is the list of all the dynamic fields that are available to you (you can click on the dynamic fields link to expand the list):punchh-campaigns-dynamic-fields

5. Once the campaign is setup, you should test it out by sending a test notification. All you have to do is to put in your email. Just make sure you use an email that has been used to punchh a card at your business. This sends out the test notification via push notifications to iPhone and via email. It also shows you a preview of the message that is being sent. Make sure everything is delivered correctly and looks great.


6. You should see the following email message and push notification as a result of the test notification.



7. If all looks good, go ahead and send out the notification to all of your campaign by going back to the list, activating the campaign and clicking on “Send Notifications”. Just remember, “Send Notifications” button only shows up when you have setup the notifications for a campaign.


That’s it…You now have the power to talk with you customers but with awesome power comes awesome responsibility. So please use this channel judiciously as you don’t want to spam your loyal customers because they drive referrals and repeat visits (We will also be enforcing some limits soon).

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