New: Web-based punchh card redemption

Friday, January 13, 2012

In the US smartphone penetration is accelerating (US smartphone penetration at 44%). But we still have a lot of users who don’t have a smartphone and want to use punchh from the web. For these users we created a web based punchh (beta) some time back. This feature is available from Punchh home page:

Punchh button

While we are still working on improving the experience of web-based punchhing, we started getting requests from users for ability to redeem the fully punchhed out cards. To address this need we are introducing web based redemptions. With this feature a user who has been punchhing a card on the web or from their phone, can redeem a fully punchhed out card from their browser. Here is how it works:

When a user has a punchhed out card it shows up in the “My Cards” view (if the user want to see their cards from the phone, on the web, they need to login with facebook or email/password on the phone and use the same method to login on the web-site):

My cards on the web

(other partially punchhed cards are also shown below the fully punchhed cards.)

Now to redeem a card, all a user has to do it to hit redeem. After a warning:

The user should make sure that she is in a position to claim their free offer with-in 24 hours

If the user clicks ok they are (optionally) asked to select which location they like to redeem at (this is important as your redemption will be valid only at the chosen location).

User should select the location where they want to get free food (no need if the business only has one location)

If everything checks out, the user is shown their coupon code. Following is how the screen looks:

Successful redemtion

All the user has to do do now is to print this page out and take it to the business. They will also receive an email with the redemption code which can be used to claim their redemption as well.

That’s it … Happy punchhing and let us know any comments or feedback … as this feature proves our users are the ones setting the product direction for us so please keep the emails and comments coming.

Note to business owners: Although this feature opens up a new way your customers can redeem their punchh cards, it does not change the way you validate these redemptions. So from your end, just accept the codes as you would accept them from the user’s phones and validate them with the same method you are using. Just remember with web-based redemption, their might a little bit more of a time lag between the redemption notification and the customer sharing the code with you.

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