Punchh Inc – iPhone app update 1.6

Friday, March 11, 2011

With Punchh Inc 1.6, we are retiring the “Punchh Inc” app. We still have the “Punchh” app in the app store and going forward this is where we will be focusing all our development efforts.

So what do users have to do? Not much. If you have the “Punchh” app already, you’re all set. For the rest of you, here are the steps:

1. If you have been using “Punchh Inc” you will get an application update notification in the app store. This will update your app to version 1.6. When you Launch this app you will see:

When you click “Ok Great”, You will be taken to the app store to download the “Punchh” app.

2. Download the app and you’re all set to go. To cleanup your iPhone you can also safely remove the “Punchh Inc” app (leaving it on your iPhone does not cause any harm).

Update: Some users have asked us about not seeing their punchhes anymore after updating to “Punchh”. Have no fear, your Punchhs are safe…All you have to do to access them is login:

Go ahead and click on the “Sign up” button above and login:

Voila!! You should have your punchhs back. Happy Punchhing!!!

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