2011 A Big Year For Social Media Marketing by Restaurants

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Article by the Punchh team

2010 was a big year for restaurants as lots of restaurants experienced healthy growth in revenues. The growth was driven by two key factors – first: consumer spending creeping up and second: restaurants focusing more on value-based innovation.

Restaurant operators are quite upbeat about growth in 2011, both in terms of same-store sales as well as adding new stores, according to a recent survey by the Nation’s Restaurant News.

In the same survey, over 43% of restaurant operators indicated that social media will be the most important marketing budget item for them in 2011.

So why is social media marketing the top-spend area for restaurants? Because it allows even smaller, creative and nimble foodservice chains to play offense and win against much bigger competitors with deep pockets – driving better engagement with and repeat visits by loyal customers and to harnessing the power of word-of-mouth to drive growth. Of course, bigger chains can also get creative with social media in order to retain their competitive edge.

The growth expectation is single-digits for many, but stratospheric for others such as RedMango. RedMango had 100+ restaurants at the end of 2010, and expects to add 110 new stories just in 2011. To that we say, Wow!! Anyone who has been to a RedMango store knows that the secret to their success is their healthy and delicious menu of frozen yogurt offerings – just take a look at their Fresh Parfaits, I mean who wouldn’t love that for breakfast or lunch or as a snack? But we think the real secret is their social media marketing –they have over 222K Facebook fans and ~7K Twitter followers. Compare that to TCBY, which has 800+ stores but only ~27K Facebook fans.

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