What is Punchh and how do I use it?
Punchh is a completely free mobile phone based referral and loyalty program that allows users to win rewards at restaurants for their loyalty and referrals. With Punchh users no longer have to carry cumbersome cards to win rewards but instead can use their smartphones to track their participation. In addition, with Punchh users can share their Punchhs with their friends, win more Punchhs for referring their friends and even write reviews and feedback for the restaurant, all from within the easy-to-use Punchh application.
How do I sign up for Punchh?
You can download our app from the Apple app store or from the Android Market. We will also be releasing a Blackberry app soon.
Is Punchh secure?
We take security and privacy very seriously. We never see your passwords or share them ever. We will never sell or release your data to unaffiliated third parties. Read our privacy policy here.
Why do I need to sign up with Facebook?
We use Facebook to enhance your Punchh experience. We use Facebook to award you FREE Punchhs when you dine where your friends dine. You can share your views on restaurants, gift your Punchhs and even recommend a particular spot to your friends. We do not access or store your login/password and will never auto-post your wall.
What information do you access from my facebook profile? Do you post to the wall?
Punchh uses Facebook to learn who recommended a certain restaurant to you and similarly, to enable you to get more Punchhs when you tell your friends on Facebook which restaurant you liked and your friends dine there. We never auto-post or spam your wall. We only post to your wall if you tell us to share something explicitly from within the application. We access your general information (name, pic etc.) and your email address from your facebook profile.
Why does Punchh require my location?
We use your location to find restaurants that offer rewards around you. With your location data, we automatically show you the right card for where you are - always.
Is Punchh free?
We sometimes define Punchh as - Punchh means free Lunch. So not only is Punchh completely free for its users, we also help you get free stuff.
What is the benefit of being a Punchh member?
You get free food and other cool stuff! You no longer have to carry any cards in your wallet. You can also gift Punchhs to our friends, get more Punchhs for referrals and communicate with the restaurants, because let's face it - food is social!
How do referrals work with Punchh?
Referrals work as long as you have logged in with facebook before Punchhing at your favorite restaurant. Now, even if you tell your friend(s) about this fave offline (at the bar, or when you run into them on the street) as long as your friend logs in with facebook before Punchh'ing at this fave, we will automatically detect that the two of you are friends, and ask your friend if you recommended the place to him/her. If she/he says yes, you get a free referral Punchh!

Let's look at an example: Jane logs into Punchh with Facebook. Jane then eats at Pizzeria Inc., her favorite pizzeria. As she's headed home, she runs into Dave and Jane tells Dave about Pizzeria, Inc. Dave vows to check out this great new pizza joint and happens to visit the next day. Dave logs in to Punchh using Facebook and punchh's his purchase of a pizza slice at Pizzeria Inc. Because we know that Dave and Jane are friends on Facebook, we automatically ask Dave if Jane recommended Pizzeria Inc. to him. If Dave says yes, Jane gets a free referral Punchh!

You now have a way to get rewarded for something you already do - tell your friends about where to eat!
How do referrals work with Punchh if I don't log in to Facebook?
Unfortunately, if you choose not to log in with Facebook on Punchh, we will have no way of knowing if your friends visit the same places you do - which means we won't have any way of asking them if you recommended the restaurant to them and so you won't get and referral Punchhs. As discussed above, we will never abuse your facebook account so sign up and enjoy some free Punchhs!
This sounds great but I don't have a smartphone...Can I still Punchh??
Yes!!! Punchh has a web-based solution. With this application, customers can Punchh from anywhere - no smartphone needed. Just keep your receipts with you, go home and keep Punchhing. You can log into your web console here after signing up or signing in with your Facebook account or Punchh account.
How do I redeem my Punchhs?
Once you have filled out a card, we show an option to redeem the card to you. When you select "Redeem", we generate a unique coupon code that you must present to the folks at your location to claim your free food!
Punchh Redemption Process
Can I gift a Punchh?
Yes, absolutely. You can gift a Punchh through the app (feature coming soon).
Why should I add a location?
When you add a location to the Punchh system and start Punchhing there, your Punchhs will be converted into free stuff when the location signs up. This special reward not only works for the person who adds the location but also for the top 5 Punchhers at the location.
How can I tell a business to sign up?
You can ask them to sign up at https://punchh.com/businesses/new. You should also get the contact information of the business and use our upcoming system to send them an invitation email.
Why only restaurants?
We love food. Restaurants are wonderfully social and the activity of eating food is always fun. In addition we believe that Punchh helps customers and businesses to engage in a more productive way. We plan to expand into other verticals soon.
I want to share my thoughts with you. How do I do that?
Follow us on our blog at http://punchh.com/blog or twitter at @getpunchh and you can also email us at contact@punchh.com

FAQ for businesses

What is Punchh and how do I use it?
Punchh provides a turnkey referral and loyalty service to restaurants to harness the power of word of mouth to put more butts in seats.
We believe that food is social and that word-of-mouth is the key mechanism for restaurants to acquire customers. Our patent-pending inside-out marketing approach harnesses, incentivizes and measures the word-of-mouth to deliver 4X the engagement (compared to traditional loyalty programs) at 1/4 the cost.
Why should I sign up with Punchh and how do I sign up?

Punchh gets you a referral and loyalty program that you can actually use and measure. We deliver 4x the returns of regular loyalty programs at 1/4th the cost. We drive more customers to your store by harnessing the power of social networks and referrals, the only way to ensure that you get more people in your restaurant. With Punchh, you can track and analyze in real-time how your loyalty program is behaving and how your customers are responding to you. Punchh provides measurable metrics to help improve your business. You can also custom design marketing campaigns and collect valuable feedback from your customers through Punchh. Contact us for more details and for case studies.

You can sign your business up here.

How much will Punchh cost us?
Please contact us to discuss pricing. Unlike traditional programs, Punchh does not require a huge upfront expense to get started and you will reap immediate rewards. We mean turnkey when we say that Punchh is a turnkey solution.
Does Punchh require long term contract/commitment at the time of sign-up?
No. If you are not completely satisfied with the Punchh program, you can cancel it anytime. We will only charge you for the time you used the Punchh program and not a penny more.
I have multiple locations. How can I track where Punchhs occur and where they are redeemed?
Punchh is location aware and can easily track such details. Should you have specific rules you would like to enforce regarding your loyalty program, Punchh can accommodate those guidelines. For example, if one location is driving the Punchhs but another location gets most of the redemptions, we can set up an automatic transfer (and audit) policy to balance these transactions out. This can be especially useful and pertinent to franchise chains.
How do I design the loyalty program? Can I design my own card/branding/marketing message/offers etc.?
You are completely in control with the details of the loyalty program. We can suggest industry best practices that you can follow or you can design your own loyalty program.

You can also design every aspect of the look and feel of the loyalty program from your own 'Punchh Card' with your company logo to the design of the 'Punchh hole' to the design of the facebook story that goes out when a customer chooses to tell her friends about your restaurant. We work with in-house marketing divisions to design collateral and can be as involved or separate from the process as you choose.
How does Punchh drive word of mouth for me? Is it measurable?
Typically most of the new customers to any restaurant are driven by Word-of-mouth. Some industry studies put the number as high as 70-80%.

Punchh drives and measures the word-of-mouth to put more butts in seats. By awarding free Punchh's to people who recommend your restaurant to their friends, we reward people for their recommendations and provide restaurants with a valuable, innovative mechanism to encourage and measure these word of mouth recommendations. All you have to do is focus on your core competency of making delicious food and leave the rest to us!

All of our programs are measurable and trackable on a real-time basis. We provide a website where you can log in to view your top customers, track engagement, measure the return of the loyalty program and test different scenarios. You can also design custom marketing messages and campaigns to reach out to your customers.
How do you validate that a customer getting a Punchh actually bought something?
We have several approaches to ensure that each and every Punchh in our system is validated and auditable. Some of the approaches we use are, receipt validations, code validations, POS validation etc. Making our system reliable and auditable is really important to us and we can work with you to choose the right validation method for your business. In addition we have several operational layers of protection like location validation, date/time validation, minimum amount validation in place to ensure the highest degree of auditability.
Can I reach out to my customers who are using Punchh?
Absolutely!! Our goal with Punchh is to allow businesses to get intimate with their customers. So, businesses can setup campaigns specifically designed to meet their needs and help super-charge sales. Ever want to reach out to those customers who haven't been to your restaurant in the past 2 months to give them an offer to entice them back? Now you can by awarding them free Punchh's if they return. Or you can give free Punchhs to your best customers. Or give free Punchhs to customers dissatisfied with their experience. The combinations are endless. Contact us for details.
Will I have access to surveys? Will I be able to access feedback?
You will have access to custom surveys that we can run for you where you can track customer sentiment and also design specific questions for future products or demographic information.

At the end of every Punchh, we ask your customers to describe their experience at your restaurant. You will have access to what your customers say about you and will also be able to reward loyal customers and fix 'bad' experiences.
Can Punchh tie in to our existing social media campaigns?
Punchh is inherently a social tool. We can plug into any existing Facebook, Twitter or other account you may have and can supply a live feed of user testimony.

For example, for a given campaign, you can collect actual customer feedback and reviews and post those 'live' to your Facebook wall. You can also tweet these. This gives your valuable ammunition against other so called "unbiased" review sites.
What kind of ROI can I expect and how can I ensure that I am getting that ROI?
We measure engagement levels with your customers, repeat customer with the end goal of delivering a bump in sales. Punchh delivers 4x the return of traditional loyalty programs at 1/4th the cost and without a huge upfront investment. You can measure and track this ROI through your reports page on http://punchh.com. See below for a sample:
Business Analytics
Contact us for additional details and case studies.
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